Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Originally sent Jan. 9

An email from Mike Wyant in CA to say that his 32 year old son Ash is gravely ill with heart and lung problems that may require organ transplants. I know Mike and his family would appreciate you keeping Ash & his wife Rebecca and two young daughters in your prayers.

There is NO joy in Soonerville! OUr guys played a great game, sadly, we didn't win! I don't know who I feel the worst for....Oklahoma? Or Kay Crossland!

Received this from Luther Green......
" when I was a youngster, I coached cardinal league football here in Beaumont,Tex. JP Richardson's son Jay played on my team. I taught him better than to sell his dads casket."

More email comments:
"Thanks for all your work on the blog which brings much interesting news. I and my wife Lynn are doing well, I guess, here in Tulsa where I'm an engineer at American Airlines. Please, no complaints, I have nothing to do with delays, scheduling, luggage, fares, and the like.
To partially answer your question about what went on in the dome of the old building, I was once told that Don Blanding [class 1912] led a heifer up there. This came from a fan of Don's, but I can't vouch for the story. I have never been prouder to be associated with any group of people than with the class of 1964 at Lawton High. Best regards, Steve Tedder [class '64]

Marcille Covey sent this interesting item if anyone is planning a trip to Branson........
"there is a new little museum that should be of interest to all who are interested in American politics/presidency, etc. It's called "America's Presidency, Museum & Gallery in Missouri"'s on the top floor of what was once a steak non-profit...and (I think) just getting started....but has a couple of videos showing about the presidents and lots to walk around and read about. When I was there in early Dec. they had several of the first-ladies' Christmas trees on display the way they had been in the White House."

I appreciate the comment from 'Cliff' posted on the WolverNet blog in regard to my Dec. 29 post.

There is an Oklahoma TV program called 'Discover Oklahoma'. A weekly 'travel show' produced by Integris Health and shown in several TV markets over the state. They visit businesses, tourist spots, restaurants, out-of-the-way places. Last week they did a great 'bit' on Bianco's Restaurant right here in Lawton, America! Very good story, interviewed Rose (wife of founder - John - who is long deceased) at the restaurant and just a really good spot on how Rose ended up in Lawton from NY and how the restaurant came to be.
A popular pizza place since 1952, its still a favorite of us locals and those who come 'home' to visit. Business was already 'booming' we will have to wait for a table! <>

Happy Birthday on Jan. 8 to... 'tha KING'. ELVIS: 1935 ~ 1977.
In honor of tha KING, check out the new link on the Wolvernet blog that features candid private pictures of Elvis, some with LHSer's. Some of the photos came from my Italian epen-pal & Elvis researcher, Luca. Far right hand side, scroll down to "my blog list".<>

Regards to all...........Georgia

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