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Originally sent Jan. 17

Lots in this one folks, including couple 'projects' and pictures!

Happy that several new people have asked in last couple of weeks and last few days, to receive LHS News, so for some this will be their first news.


I am so sorry to report that I received news from Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis that her cousin, our '59 classmate Bobby 'Bob' Newman of Plano, TX, passed on Friday morning Jan. 16. Bob has had a many year bout with ALS. There will be a memorial service at 2:00pm, Wednesday Jan. 21, Watermark church, 7540 LBJ Freeway in Dallas.
Bob is survived by wife Marla, son Kevin, & daughter Michelle. A brother Rich. He was also cousin to '59 classmate Justice Sam Joyner, Doris (Joyner) and Carol (Scott), Joan (Scott), and Ronnie Scott.
There is additional information and a guest book at:
I know our sympathies are with Bobs' family.

ATTENTION! Washington Grade School grads - my alma mater! Washington will be celebrating its 100th birthday this spring. A reception will be held but the date has not yet been set, was told will be a Saturday. Please make plans to attend.
Meanwhile.....need ALL you grads who attended Washington for all 6 years or any year, to PLEASE think about memories of the school, your teachers, events, and share those memories for the birthday celebration. Maybe you have news clippings? Photos? Programs from school events? Make copies, share, they would be most appreciated.
Now, don't be shy or apathetic! Someday on the 125th or 150th bday....people will enjoy reading about those who attended long ago!!!
Please send any comments/information to Bonnie Hix (wife of '59 classmate Tommy Hix). Bonnie taught at Washington many years & is heading up this celebration. Bonnies email is blh42@att.net or call (580) 536-9240.
It's gonna be this spring so don't delay.

And another project in the works.....

the LHS Alumni Association has kicked-off a drive to raise funds to improve the LHS gymnasium. The money raised will be mainly used to replace the top bleachers in the gym as they are old (since built in 1955) and in bad shape.
Kelly Longfellow, a 1995 LHS grad and President of the Alum Assoc, says the deteriorating condition of the bleachers makes it difficult to host games and the LHS facility does not match up to comparable gyms at other 6-A schools.

Lawton Public Schools provided a figure of some $75,000 necessary to replace the [top] bleachers, but Longfellow said she hopes the Assoc can raise above that amount so that it can take on other projects including a trophy case and side-line seating. The Alum Assoc has set a goal of $100,000. They hope to work with LHS grads & local business people as well as the possibility of fund raising events. Their plan is to present the funds at the 2009 graduation ceremonies.

Names of donors who contribute $100 will be displayed in the gym, those contributing $1,000 or more can have their names engraved on the new bleachers. There are several levels of participation & I understand it is tax deductible (would check on it).
To contribute to the LHS Alumni Association's gym fund, call Robert Ryans: (580) 695-2721 or visit their web site:
Additional story was in Lawton Constitution, Sunday Jan. 11.

btw....the class of 2007 & John Zelbst contributed $17,000 that was used on the bottom bleachers.

And, the school has a new marquee that was installed last September.

More from the email bag:

Geneva McIntosh and others from LHS class '62 are working on a get together that would include any and all LHS grads that would care to attend. I am told that April is probable month & I will send more info when it becomes available!

Next time you see the pyramids (of Egypt), they may looker smaller! Sue (Chalk) Briggs managed to return with bottle(s) of sand and numerous 'rocks' she picked up at the site! Their Christmas feast in the desert outside Abu Dhabi consisted of camel with the 'hump' portion being served separately on a large platter, surrounded by rice and all is eaten with the hand....right hand only. She said it was actually good, like a nice roast beef! Lots of fun experiences. The long flight home had Rod Stewart seated next to her.

And.....class 1959 - 50th reunion planning session. Monday Jan. 26, Milo Gordon Honda, 7:00pm. YOU are needed!!!! Have to keep sending this reminder...some of 'them' can't remember! hahahhhaaa...C YOU there!
Below are some pictures taken couple weeks ago out at Medicine Park where we will be one night of the reunion. It was a gorgeous day! In the one pix l-r: moi, Marilyn, Janey, Johnna! (not posted on this site)

Hope everyone making it through the winter! Spring gotta be on the way! Regards......Georgia

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