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Originally sent Jan. 15

Lot of comments on various subjects:

On Elvis:
"Georgia! Your mother drove us to Wichita Falls 1956 to see Elvis. He was awesome and announced at the end of the show that he had just signed with Columbia Records. Before that he was with Sun Records and much more his hip-switching self. Cannot remember who was in the car, but I do know Julie Ashlock nearly fainted when he came on stage! Since then we have seen the biggest at Fillmore East....but I always remember your mother driving us to see Elvis.....Big Hug. Stephanie '59"

Note: Yes, my mom drove me, Stephanie, Suzanne, Babs, Marilyn, & Nancy down to see Elvis. What fun! Lot of kids went down from Lawton. I believe Patti Fuquas mom took a car load and I know Bill Cole, Bill McCain, and Don Yancy went down & spent the whole week-end there at the Kemp Hotel!!! Talk about Heartbreak Hotel!!! hahaah!
Yancy was a huge fan of Elvis and one of the first I know to have any of Elvis' records. He used to call and play them for me over the phone! Yes, he did!

Comments on Biancos.....
"Georgia, I remember my Senior Prom Dinner ( 1956) was at Bianco?s. My Date was Charlotte McGill. We double dated with another couple. I can't remember who they were, maybe Gwen Patterson and her date. Anyway I remember putting on a Bib and having a great Italian dinner. After dinner, I discovered that I had locked my keys in the car.( I guess we were more trustworthy back then.) I think it was a 4 door Chevy. I had to break the small wing window in the back with a coke can to get in the car.
Memories from a long time ago,Reese Russell, LHS 56"

Comments from 'Wolverine' who attended the BCS game....
Wow!! What a beautiful time. My sons and I arrived in Palm Beach Tuesday (1/6)afternoon and walked the beach in 80 degree temperature, the water was cool but we could bear it up to hip high. The ocean was a fantastic light blue with low rolling waves, there were porpoises swimming just off shore. We went to South Beach later on and visited with a multitude of sooner fans, ate scrumptous food at Buba Gump's restaurant.
Wednesday, we went to the Japanese Gardens and went to the beaches in Hollywood Florida. We stumbled upon Island Jacks seafood restaurant on Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach . $2.00 beer, Grouper sandwiches and a discourse of language with the locals of OU vs Florida. The situation got testy, I had to buy beer for everyone and everything got better.
Thursday , game day, we arrived early, 2:30 and parked in the Orange section #18, the parking lots were getting full with tail gating even at that time. OU fans parked with Florida fans, we traded beer, wine, rum and bloody marys. Everyone was very friendly. "PICTURES WILL FOLLOW".
Huge stadium, we sat in section 428 row 5, the family next to us are from the Becker funeral home in Lawton, Lawton High graduate in the 70"s. I mentioned your site, you should call them. Well we lost, but we played hard , what is the old saying, IT IS BETTER TO LOVE AND LOST THAN NOT LOVED AT ALL. ALWAYS A WOLVERINE!!!
If you would like to see Bob's pictures of his fun trip, check it out:<>

More on bowl game....
"Georgia, I'm so full of "crow" that I think I'm going to throw up."
Kay (Crossland) Arceneaux

"Just got the latest newsletter and saw the bit about the dome on old LHS....funny story about that..our dad, Fay Hillis, (by "our" , I mean, Bob, Sharon, David and Susan Hillis) went to school in '29,30',etc. ...he said the air ducts came out up in that dome, and the story he told is that they took something that smelled really bad down the duct that went to Lillie Stafford's chemistry lab and left it there ...when they got back from crawling through the air ducts, Mr. Swinney was waiting for them.
I believe it is true...didn't really ever know when Daddy was pulling my leg. Mom let him tell it though, and she was a stickler for the truth! Sort of sounds like something boys would do... Thanks for the newsletter...I really enjoy it!
Susan Hillis Mackey, LHS ,1962"

'59 classmate, preacher Willie Guest, was recently elected President of the local branch of the NAACP. Willie was busy all last week-end hosting a Jubilee Celebration in Lawton.

While dining at Biancos this past Tuesday eve...ran into group of LHS gals having a great time. Brenda (Burton) Beatty, Sylvia Wiggington, Deborah Jones (sister to our '59 classmate Suzanne) and home visiting for a few days, Martha (Darden) Leister. Martha & David are currently in MO. Enjoyed our 'chat'.

More LHS grads.......
My mother, Helen (Sims) Thompson Leu and my uncle Joe Sims were both LHS grads of 1938.
Joe had to drop out for 2 years for health reasons, but went back and finished with Mom.
My uncle James C. 'Jim' Sims was LHS grad 1946.
Joe passed away 2000, preceded by Jim in 1982.
My brother David is 1962 LHS grad. Another (2nd) cousin, Daymond Sims, is 1960 or 1961 LHS grad.
Larry Joe Thompson, class '59

Class 1959! Reunion planning meeting on Monday Jan. 26. Milo Gordon Honda, 7:00pm. ALL '59 grads are encouraged to attend and help with planning of 50th reunion this next October 2-3. And those who live away, circle your calendar and plan on being here in Oct. If anyone has any contact info on a '59 grad, please let me know.

Work continues on the old Lawton High/Central building. A glass atrium on the west side is near completion, understand it will house an elevator. (see pix at right). Picture of 1/4/09 is taken on west side, standing on south looking north.

Things going well in the 'home town'........Georgia

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