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......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 21

Funeral services for Ethel Keegan, 92, of Lawton are Thursday Jan. 22 at First Presbyterian church, 11:00am. Mrs. Keegan passed on Jan. 18. She is the mom of '59 classmate Karen (Keegan) Rogers. She is also survived bydaughter Judy Wolf and six grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, two sisters.
An online guest book is available at www.beckerfuneral.com
I hope you will join me in keeping Karen and the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Sad, but not everyone (loves) Elvis......
Hi Georgia, Just wanted you to know, I danced on the same show with Elvis. I was dancing with a line of girls while Bobby was in the army and we did shows with Elvis, Molly Bee and Tennessee Ernie Ford, and some more I can't remember. I even punched Elvis in the stomach for putting his hand on my seat where it didn't belong. So, I'm not a fan of dear ole Elvis.
Sonya (Reynolds)

I'm SHOCKED!!!! hhahahhaaa! btw....Sonya is class '54; brother Jim is class '53 and her brother Bob was class '52 - sadly Bob is deceased.
Note: 100 years ago, Jim & I were in some little theater productions together. And Bob was a fantastic dancer....he did his best to teach some of us with 2 left feet how to twirl around.

Short news....all for now.....Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 17

Lots in this one folks, including couple 'projects' and pictures!

Happy that several new people have asked in last couple of weeks and last few days, to receive LHS News, so for some this will be their first news.


I am so sorry to report that I received news from Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis that her cousin, our '59 classmate Bobby 'Bob' Newman of Plano, TX, passed on Friday morning Jan. 16. Bob has had a many year bout with ALS. There will be a memorial service at 2:00pm, Wednesday Jan. 21, Watermark church, 7540 LBJ Freeway in Dallas.
Bob is survived by wife Marla, son Kevin, & daughter Michelle. A brother Rich. He was also cousin to '59 classmate Justice Sam Joyner, Doris (Joyner) and Carol (Scott), Joan (Scott), and Ronnie Scott.
There is additional information and a guest book at:
I know our sympathies are with Bobs' family.

ATTENTION! Washington Grade School grads - my alma mater! Washington will be celebrating its 100th birthday this spring. A reception will be held but the date has not yet been set, was told will be a Saturday. Please make plans to attend.
Meanwhile.....need ALL you grads who attended Washington for all 6 years or any year, to PLEASE think about memories of the school, your teachers, events, and share those memories for the birthday celebration. Maybe you have news clippings? Photos? Programs from school events? Make copies, share, they would be most appreciated.
Now, don't be shy or apathetic! Someday on the 125th or 150th bday....people will enjoy reading about those who attended long ago!!!
Please send any comments/information to Bonnie Hix (wife of '59 classmate Tommy Hix). Bonnie taught at Washington many years & is heading up this celebration. Bonnies email is blh42@att.net or call (580) 536-9240.
It's gonna be this spring so don't delay.

And another project in the works.....

the LHS Alumni Association has kicked-off a drive to raise funds to improve the LHS gymnasium. The money raised will be mainly used to replace the top bleachers in the gym as they are old (since built in 1955) and in bad shape.
Kelly Longfellow, a 1995 LHS grad and President of the Alum Assoc, says the deteriorating condition of the bleachers makes it difficult to host games and the LHS facility does not match up to comparable gyms at other 6-A schools.

Lawton Public Schools provided a figure of some $75,000 necessary to replace the [top] bleachers, but Longfellow said she hopes the Assoc can raise above that amount so that it can take on other projects including a trophy case and side-line seating. The Alum Assoc has set a goal of $100,000. They hope to work with LHS grads & local business people as well as the possibility of fund raising events. Their plan is to present the funds at the 2009 graduation ceremonies.

Names of donors who contribute $100 will be displayed in the gym, those contributing $1,000 or more can have their names engraved on the new bleachers. There are several levels of participation & I understand it is tax deductible (would check on it).
To contribute to the LHS Alumni Association's gym fund, call Robert Ryans: (580) 695-2721 or visit their web site:
Additional story was in Lawton Constitution, Sunday Jan. 11.

btw....the class of 2007 & John Zelbst contributed $17,000 that was used on the bottom bleachers.

And, the school has a new marquee that was installed last September.

More from the email bag:

Geneva McIntosh and others from LHS class '62 are working on a get together that would include any and all LHS grads that would care to attend. I am told that April is probable month & I will send more info when it becomes available!

Next time you see the pyramids (of Egypt), they may looker smaller! Sue (Chalk) Briggs managed to return with bottle(s) of sand and numerous 'rocks' she picked up at the site! Their Christmas feast in the desert outside Abu Dhabi consisted of camel with the 'hump' portion being served separately on a large platter, surrounded by rice and all is eaten with the hand....right hand only. She said it was actually good, like a nice roast beef! Lots of fun experiences. The long flight home had Rod Stewart seated next to her.

And.....class 1959 - 50th reunion planning session. Monday Jan. 26, Milo Gordon Honda, 7:00pm. YOU are needed!!!! Have to keep sending this reminder...some of 'them' can't remember! hahahhhaaa...C YOU there!
Below are some pictures taken couple weeks ago out at Medicine Park where we will be one night of the reunion. It was a gorgeous day! In the one pix l-r: moi, Marilyn, Janey, Johnna! (not posted on this site)

Hope everyone making it through the winter! Spring gotta be on the way! Regards......Georgia

Saturday, January 17, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 15

Lot of comments on various subjects:

On Elvis:
"Georgia! Your mother drove us to Wichita Falls 1956 to see Elvis. He was awesome and announced at the end of the show that he had just signed with Columbia Records. Before that he was with Sun Records and much more his hip-switching self. Cannot remember who was in the car, but I do know Julie Ashlock nearly fainted when he came on stage! Since then we have seen the biggest at Fillmore East....but I always remember your mother driving us to see Elvis.....Big Hug. Stephanie '59"

Note: Yes, my mom drove me, Stephanie, Suzanne, Babs, Marilyn, & Nancy down to see Elvis. What fun! Lot of kids went down from Lawton. I believe Patti Fuquas mom took a car load and I know Bill Cole, Bill McCain, and Don Yancy went down & spent the whole week-end there at the Kemp Hotel!!! Talk about Heartbreak Hotel!!! hahaah!
Yancy was a huge fan of Elvis and one of the first I know to have any of Elvis' records. He used to call and play them for me over the phone! Yes, he did!

Comments on Biancos.....
"Georgia, I remember my Senior Prom Dinner ( 1956) was at Bianco?s. My Date was Charlotte McGill. We double dated with another couple. I can't remember who they were, maybe Gwen Patterson and her date. Anyway I remember putting on a Bib and having a great Italian dinner. After dinner, I discovered that I had locked my keys in the car.( I guess we were more trustworthy back then.) I think it was a 4 door Chevy. I had to break the small wing window in the back with a coke can to get in the car.
Memories from a long time ago,Reese Russell, LHS 56"

Comments from 'Wolverine' who attended the BCS game....
Wow!! What a beautiful time. My sons and I arrived in Palm Beach Tuesday (1/6)afternoon and walked the beach in 80 degree temperature, the water was cool but we could bear it up to hip high. The ocean was a fantastic light blue with low rolling waves, there were porpoises swimming just off shore. We went to South Beach later on and visited with a multitude of sooner fans, ate scrumptous food at Buba Gump's restaurant.
Wednesday, we went to the Japanese Gardens and went to the beaches in Hollywood Florida. We stumbled upon Island Jacks seafood restaurant on Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach . $2.00 beer, Grouper sandwiches and a discourse of language with the locals of OU vs Florida. The situation got testy, I had to buy beer for everyone and everything got better.
Thursday , game day, we arrived early, 2:30 and parked in the Orange section #18, the parking lots were getting full with tail gating even at that time. OU fans parked with Florida fans, we traded beer, wine, rum and bloody marys. Everyone was very friendly. "PICTURES WILL FOLLOW".
Huge stadium, we sat in section 428 row 5, the family next to us are from the Becker funeral home in Lawton, Lawton High graduate in the 70"s. I mentioned your site, you should call them. Well we lost, but we played hard , what is the old saying, IT IS BETTER TO LOVE AND LOST THAN NOT LOVED AT ALL. ALWAYS A WOLVERINE!!!
If you would like to see Bob's pictures of his fun trip, check it out:<http://picasaweb.google.com/RWINSTEAD59/RecentlyUpdated?authkey=Qut8pjxTbOE&feat=email#>

More on bowl game....
"Georgia, I'm so full of "crow" that I think I'm going to throw up."
Kay (Crossland) Arceneaux

"Just got the latest newsletter and saw the bit about the dome on old LHS....funny story about that..our dad, Fay Hillis, (by "our" , I mean, Bob, Sharon, David and Susan Hillis) went to school in '29,30',etc. ...he said the air ducts came out up in that dome, and the story he told is that they took something that smelled really bad down the duct that went to Lillie Stafford's chemistry lab and left it there ...when they got back from crawling through the air ducts, Mr. Swinney was waiting for them.
I believe it is true...didn't really ever know when Daddy was pulling my leg. Mom let him tell it though, and she was a stickler for the truth! Sort of sounds like something boys would do... Thanks for the newsletter...I really enjoy it!
Susan Hillis Mackey, LHS ,1962"

'59 classmate, preacher Willie Guest, was recently elected President of the local branch of the NAACP. Willie was busy all last week-end hosting a Jubilee Celebration in Lawton.

While dining at Biancos this past Tuesday eve...ran into group of LHS gals having a great time. Brenda (Burton) Beatty, Sylvia Wiggington, Deborah Jones (sister to our '59 classmate Suzanne) and home visiting for a few days, Martha (Darden) Leister. Martha & David are currently in MO. Enjoyed our 'chat'.

More LHS grads.......
My mother, Helen (Sims) Thompson Leu and my uncle Joe Sims were both LHS grads of 1938.
Joe had to drop out for 2 years for health reasons, but went back and finished with Mom.
My uncle James C. 'Jim' Sims was LHS grad 1946.
Joe passed away 2000, preceded by Jim in 1982.
My brother David is 1962 LHS grad. Another (2nd) cousin, Daymond Sims, is 1960 or 1961 LHS grad.
Larry Joe Thompson, class '59

Class 1959! Reunion planning meeting on Monday Jan. 26. Milo Gordon Honda, 7:00pm. ALL '59 grads are encouraged to attend and help with planning of 50th reunion this next October 2-3. And those who live away, circle your calendar and plan on being here in Oct. If anyone has any contact info on a '59 grad, please let me know.

Work continues on the old Lawton High/Central building. A glass atrium on the west side is near completion, understand it will house an elevator. (see pix at right). Picture of 1/4/09 is taken on west side, standing on south looking north.

Things going well in the 'home town'........Georgia

Saturday, January 10, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 9

An email from Mike Wyant in CA to say that his 32 year old son Ash is gravely ill with heart and lung problems that may require organ transplants. I know Mike and his family would appreciate you keeping Ash & his wife Rebecca and two young daughters in your prayers.

There is NO joy in Soonerville! OUr guys played a great game, sadly, we didn't win! I don't know who I feel the worst for....Oklahoma? Or Kay Crossland!

Received this from Luther Green......
" when I was a youngster, I coached cardinal league football here in Beaumont,Tex. JP Richardson's son Jay played on my team. I taught him better than to sell his dads casket."

More email comments:
"Thanks for all your work on the blog which brings much interesting news. I and my wife Lynn are doing well, I guess, here in Tulsa where I'm an engineer at American Airlines. Please, no complaints, I have nothing to do with delays, scheduling, luggage, fares, and the like.
To partially answer your question about what went on in the dome of the old building, I was once told that Don Blanding [class 1912] led a heifer up there. This came from a fan of Don's, but I can't vouch for the story. I have never been prouder to be associated with any group of people than with the class of 1964 at Lawton High. Best regards, Steve Tedder [class '64]

Marcille Covey sent this interesting item if anyone is planning a trip to Branson........
"there is a new little museum that should be of interest to all who are interested in American politics/presidency, etc. It's called "America's Presidency, Museum & Gallery in Missouri"........it's on the top floor of what was once a steak house...is non-profit...and (I think) just getting started....but has a couple of videos showing about the presidents and lots to walk around and read about. When I was there in early Dec. they had several of the first-ladies' Christmas trees on display the way they had been in the White House."

I appreciate the comment from 'Cliff' posted on the WolverNet blog in regard to my Dec. 29 post.

There is an Oklahoma TV program called 'Discover Oklahoma'. A weekly 'travel show' produced by Integris Health and shown in several TV markets over the state. They visit businesses, tourist spots, restaurants, out-of-the-way places. Last week they did a great 'bit' on Bianco's Restaurant right here in Lawton, America! Very good story, interviewed Rose (wife of founder - John - who is long deceased) at the restaurant and just a really good spot on how Rose ended up in Lawton from NY and how the restaurant came to be.
A popular pizza place since 1952, its still a favorite of us locals and those who come 'home' to visit. Business was already 'booming'....now we will have to wait for a table! <http://www.travelok.com/disc_ok/index.asp>

Happy Birthday on Jan. 8 to... 'tha KING'. ELVIS: 1935 ~ 1977.
In honor of tha KING, check out the new link on the Wolvernet blog that features candid private pictures of Elvis, some with LHSer's. Some of the photos came from my Italian epen-pal & Elvis researcher, Luca. Far right hand side, scroll down to "my blog list".<

Regards to all...........Georgia

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 5

Well, this year has started off with lots of LHS News.....mostly good this time!

And I want to thank Marcille Covey for alerting me to a couple stories.

Sorry to report that Louetta (Matthews) Payne's husband, Joe, passed away Dec. 28 after a long siege ofAlzheimer's.

Louetta lives in Ohio near her kids. She is class '52.

Happy to report that my sister-in-law, Lugene Mushrush, was released from hospital today! Still on meds but quite a bit improved.
Prayers would still be most appreciated.

Want to wish '59 classmate & life long friend, Alice (Aurell) Choice and Robert (Bob) a very happy Golden 50th wedding anniversary this week. What a wonderful milestone and will be celebrated with a reception in Liberty, MO hosted by their children and grandchildren. Major congrats guys and many MORE!!

MORE: so very coincidental that Luther & Barb Green just sent a copy of newspaper clipping that features Alice. Taken in 1957 & printed in local Lawton paper, depicts a 'scene' from the upcoming Annual All-School play - 'You Can't Take it with You' under direction of Opal Ford.
Barbs mom had sent it to her because she & Alice both took dancing at Storey & Barton. Isn't it fun! So glad someone kept it all these years.
Alice and Ben Ansley, both '59 classmates! (see at right)

I just found out that Mrs. Silk celebrated her 89th birthday this past Saturday (Jan. 3rd). 'Family' took her out to lunch & she had a great day.
Later same day, a man transporting a trailer is thought to have sparked a fire that burned some 30 acres of land south of Lawton belonging to the Silks. He had a blow-out & not sure if that (?) or cigarette started the blaze. Very dry here.

Phone call to mutual friend from Sue (Chalk) Briggs. Sue called early this am from Cairo, Egypt where she extended her trip from Abu Dhabi. She is seeing sights from camel back! Sure hope she is taking pixs!!!!

From 'our time'......thought this interesting, not to mention the ultimate recycle.....the family of the late 1950's pop star/rock 'n roller, "The Big Bopper" (JP Richardson), plan to auction his casket on eBay in the next few weeks, almost 50 years after the Big Bopper was killed in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. (Feb. 3, 1959).
The Big Boppers 16 gauge steel casket was exhumed last year from its original grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Beaumont, TX so it could be moved to a more 'visible' location with a life-sized statue and historical marker. Recorded as rock 'n Rolls first great tragedy and referred to as 'the day the music died'.
... Chantilly lace and a pretty face.....

Happy to pass this along......"Please wish every one in class of 1951 a very happy new year from Eddy and Maria Jones in Baja, Mexico ~ Baskin' in Baja"

Also greetings from '59 classmate Stephanie (Lester) Beatty in NYC!

59' classmate Bob Winstead and his son are headed to Miami to attend the BIG game!

Numerous other locals also headed out for the game......yours truly plans to cook a big pot of Anasazi beans & ham, jalapeno cornbread, a few family members, few friends, put on my jeweled OKLAHOMA shirt, & park in front of my fireplace & TV! Not being a BIG sports enthusiast, that's the best I can do!!!! But, I will be shouting.......

All for now.....Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 3

Again, so hate to have sad news...

Passing on Friday Jan. 2, Theresa S. "Teri" (Alltizer) Braddy, 61, of Lawton. Teri was an EHS grad, attended Cameron and OU before returning to Lawton where she worked in the LPS many years. She married A.W. "Bud" Braddy in 1972. Buddy is a '54 LHS grad.
She is survived by Buddy, two daughters - Karen and Mary Clare; 4 grandchildren; a brother Art Alltizer.
Services will be Tuesday Jan. 6 at First United Methodist church, 10:00am. Burial will follow at Sunset Memorial Gardens.Obit and guest book are at: <http://www.beckerfuneral.com/sitemaker/sites/becker0/obit.cgi?user=theresa-braddy>

Heard from other classmates......'59 ers - Beverly (Spradlin) Raley in FL and Jovita (Reinwand) Weeks in AZ wishing all a Happy New Year!

Also from '59 ers Norma (Abbott) Ray and Kay (Pavillard) Otis - whose daughter is expecting triplets in May. Her first babies!!! Two boys and a girl! Zow!

Frankie Kinderman said the 4-5 feet of snow they had at Lake Arrowhead, CA is finally dissipating some...much to their relief.

All for now.....Regards to all..........Georgia

Saturday, January 3, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 2, 2009

Well, so far - so good! This year is going pretty much like last..! haha!

Welcome! Some of you may be receiving this news for first time. Some have asked to be added, some have been 'suggested' to receive LHS News which goes out sporadically - as news occurs! If you should receive this twice, please let me know as I am 'updating' my email lists. And, getting some returns, so if you change your email and want to continue to receive 'news', be sure to send any changes. Remember, past LHS News is archived at
http://thewolvernet.blogspot.com/ along with photos and links to other Wolverine related events!
Can't imagine, but, if you do not wish to receive LHS News, just email & request!

Again, bad news first:
Thought some of you might remember this lady. M. LaVerne (Wicker) Brennan, 83, of West Hartford, CT. passed on Dec. 29. Services were in CT. She was born in OKC but eventually ended up in Lawton - briefly - where she taught the school year of 1953 at LHS, apparently married that year and moved. Survivors include a brother Roy (think he is a builder in Lawton); a daughter Patricia and a son Terence.

btw....I did not know until after I sent info on the passing of Faye (Moore) Good Godwin, mother of Libby Lou (Good) Brazzel....someone told me that Mrs. Godwin was sister of Ila Gunter who tried to teach us freshman Algebra!!!!

My sister-in-law, Lugene (Williams) Mushrush, class '54, is currently in the hospital in Houston. I would ask you to join me in keeping her in your prayers.

Received a most thoughtful 'package' from my Elvis researcher email pen pal in Italy. Luca sent me the new Elvis Duet Christmas CD which is sold out in these parts! Its great! The 'King' is in rare voice!

Want to share some emails I received........
"As these last minutes of 2008 go by...I'm going to stop watching times square, which doesn't hold the awe it did when we were so much younger and just seeing it for the first times...and I'm going to stop and wish each of you a most remarkable coming year, one that will stand out in time as the best ever...Happy New Year, Love Karen" [(Bridwell) Richmond - class '58]

Received kind words from Charles Ellenbrook......[LHS News] ...."it helps to enlighten and in keeping the LHS family together."

Also warm greetings from Edward Hesler and wife Rita out sunny CA way!

Also quick greetings from '59 classmates Becky (Mincey) Roberts, Ella (Price) Hunter, Ed Adams, Richard Densley; Barbara (Ramey) Wiseman, class '57; Mike Lehew, class '68.

Great New Year admonition from Glen Thomason, class '56....."Alcohol does NOT make you fat! It makes you lean....against tables, chairs, floors, walls, and ugly people." tee hee!

Kay (Crossland) Arceneaux sent 'snow' pictures from Baton Rouge, LA. ..."Georgia, 3" for Baton Rouge was unbelievable. And the grown up's who were out building snowmen was unbelievable as well." Love snow in those palm trees!!!! Cute little girl is Kays' youngest granddaughter, Lilli.

btw....Kay is really rooting for a SOONER WIN on the 8th as her neighbors are giving her a hard time about OU!

Also, more great snow pictures from Bob Looney, class '64, and wife Vicki's yard up in Spokane. Over 50" of snow in past month! Bob is brother of '59 classmate Claudia Looney.

Several sent this link to the year in review. 'Uncle Jay' explains the past year. If you haven't seen it, it's great, very clever! You will enjoy!

Still winter ahead....stay warm and stay in touch! Regards, Georgia

Friday, January 2, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 29

Sorry, more losses of classmates and community: Mildred (Waddle) Shepard, 93, passed Dec. 20 in Lawton. Mildred is a 1933 grad of LHS. She worked at the law firm of Godlove, Tyree, and Harper until 1941. She later worked at the YMCA. She is survived by son Paul and his wife Judy.
A memorial service was held Dec. 27 at St. Andrews Episcopal church.
An on line guest book is at: <www.grayfuneral.com>

And another loss, Vicki (Clay) McFarland, 54, of Lawton. Vicki passed Dec. 23. She is a '73 grad of LHS. Services were on Monday Dec. 29.
An on line guest book is at: <www.whineryhuddleston.com>

Also passing, Faye (Moore) Good Godwin, 85, of Lawton. She passed Dec. 26. I believe she is mom to '58 grad Libby Lou (Good) Brazell and a son Ben Good.Services will be Tuesday, Dec. 30 at First Assembly of God, 10:00am. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery.
An on line guest book is at: <www.beckerfuneral.com>

Also passing a long time Lawtonian. Mollie (Alverson) Mitchell, 88, of Lawton. Mollie is widow of Dr. Joe Mitchell. Although originally from Texas she moved here with doctor Joe in 1945. I know many of you remember them both. Mollie passed on Dec. 27 after a lengthy illness. A grave side service will be Tuesday, Dec. 30 at Highland Cemetery, 2:00pm. Service under direction of Becker Funeral Home.

On a brighter note, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. I received so many eCards and snail mail cards and I enjoyed each and every one! Great to hear from all of you.

And, some great photos. One from Susan (Hankins) Ellington, taken from center of her driveway in New Mexico looking toward cul-de-sac and neighbors. The whole area does 'farolitos'....gorgeous! Actually, I had a few farolitos (luminaries) out myself! Love 'em!

Also a great photo from Patsy Ann (Sherratt) Theobald, class '59. Ann lives in St. George, UT and while snow is a 'rare' event, over 10" in two days made this picturesque snowscape.

Speaking of 'pictures'....I recently mentioned a 3-woman photography show at the Museum of the Great Plains. One of the photographers featured is Fran Wehner. Fran has a wonderful 'collage' type print she has done which includes old Lawton landmarks. It's titled 'Lawton Centennial Memories'. If you have interest you can see a copy of the print at her web site: <http://www.photosbyfran.com/gallery.aspx>
The photography exhibit continues at the Museum through mid-February.

Another great article by Edward Charles Ellenbrook in last Saturday Lawton paper (Dec. 27). His 'Wichita Mountains Field Notes' talk about the difficult task of moving the 105 year old Saddle Mountain Baptist church (Indian mission) to its current location in Eagle Park (Cache). The land for and the church (mission) was accomplished with great help from one Isabel Crawford, a 28 year old Canadian and an American Baptist Missionary who came to 'Indian Territory' in 1893 to work with the Kiowas. (Oklahoma didn't become a state until 1907). Crawford arrived just after graduating from Baptist Missionary Training School in Chicago.
Great article complete w/pictures, covers whole page. If you get opportunity, I think you would enjoy it.

Ran into '59 classmate Randall Moncrief who is visiting Lawton for the holidays. Randall currently lives in KY and says he plans to be here next year for the reunion.

Class '59: reunion planning committee will meet Monday Jan. 26, 7:00pm, Milo Gordon Hondo. ANY and ALL '59 grads encouraged to attend! Spread the word!

I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year ~ 2009! May God bless us all and these great United States. Georgia