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Originally sent Jan. 28

Several have inquired so I wanted to give this follow-up on Chesley Montague. Ches had surgery here in Lawton last week. Kidney removed, it was malignant. Not sure on course of treatment as far as chemo, radiation, etc. at this time. As of today [Jan. 27] he is in a rehab unit at Memorial and is doing pretty well, all considered. I know his wife Jeannie (Lee), and the family would appreciate your prayers.

I must apologize that I have 'lost' an email that I received recently! I get a lot of email and I try to 'file' LHS emails separately and apparently I did a good job as I can't locate that particular email. I also keep things by 'nick-names' and it's difficult to back track sometimes. A classmate wrote to say that her daughter had been diagnosed with cancer and would be taking treatment. If the person who sent that info would not mind re-sending I would appreciate it as I wanted to mention it. We all need all the prayers and encouragement we can get.

From the eMail bag:....
"sorry to hear of Bob Ledford's death........he was a good friend to me in high school......think we took Salesmanship together .....with Mr. Milton Worley as teacher. Nancy (Hunt) Herritt

Birthday on Jan. 22 for Ann (Attaway) Wootten, who would have been class of '51, but married & moved before graduation. Ann is cousin of Barbara (Barclay) Stapleton, class '54. Barbara let me know that Ann suffered two bad falls in December and remains in rehab for two broken bones in her hand and one in her foot! Barbara asks you to please remember Ann in your prayers.

Have an 'older'...maybe I should say 'upper classman', asking if anyone knows anything about grads....Wayne Wagmon or Bruce Bledsoe? They would have been class of....about 1948. If you have any info, please send along to me! Thanks!
Had a lovely lunch recently with Janey Scott and Donna (Bridges) Waller. Donna has a lovely home in Lake City, CO but has been here couple months during worst of winter! Which as it turns out...was just about as bad here in Lawton!!!

At a social event last week....not a school or reunion function but certainly chock-full of LHS grads. Had visits with....Billie (Suggs) Penn and hubby Bill; Adele (Skrdle) Beck; Sue (Dunnegan) Burpo; Donna (Aust) Littlefield; Jay Davis; Chlorica (Stephens) Farmer; Joe Skrdle (Adeles brother).
So, hey! 'We' LHS 'ers are still in the thick of things!

The monthly column by Charles Ellenbrook in Lawton Constitution [Jan. 26] is a great story on the construction of Jed Johnson tower out in the Wichitas. The tower was completed in early 1941. I am sure most of you remember it. I know I do as my family picnicked out in the area a lot in those days, also visits to Craterville that expanded on to the mountains. I ventured a few times to the top of the tower which was accessible in those days (40's into 50's). At some point it was padlocked to the public. The newspaper picture (above) is of the tower as it is today and it overlooks the waters of Lake Jed Johnson. Mt. Scott and Mt. Wall in the background. If you get a chance, story is in the 'Neighbors' section of the paper, page 1 - B.

Remember....previously sent LHS news, photos, reunion info, and MORE...archived RIGHT HERE:

Heavy ice covering all today. BIG limbs breaking off my trees like toothpicks! Will be a lot of landscape damage. Hope no 'person' fatalities!

Regards to all..........Georgia

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