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Originally sent Feb. 4

I am sorry to be late with some of this news, but a power outage from ice storm has really hampered everyone and got all behind! I am just now getting back on line. Read 'story' at end if you have interest.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Jean (Shanklin) Orr, 65, of Lawton. Jean passed on Jan. 28 after a short illness. Jean was LHS class '62. She is survived by husband LTC (retrd) Jerry P. Orr; a daughter Stacey, a son Patrick; 4 grand children; a twin sister Jane; brothers, Bob, Jack, and Jerry Shanklin.
Services were Feb. 1 with burial at Fort Sill National Cemetery at Elgin.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I received word that the brother of Don Gaston, '54, passed away but I do not have any other info including name of brother?

Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, '52, continues with treatment for her cancer. She is at home but her husband Hugh has gone to a rehab/nursing center here in Lawton as he has multiple health issues.

My sister-in-law, Lugene (Williams) Mushrush, '54, is currently at home and doing fairly well. She's a fighter and hanging in there!

'59 classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton is the one who had sent email to let me know that her daughter Tracy, 46, had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Beverly also has cancer and she said they were both in the hospital at the same time (Thanksgiving), across hall from each other and both currently doing well with treatment.

Chesley Montague, '52, was supposed to have gone home maybe today? He is much better at this time.
I know there are others with serious health issues also. I hope you will join me in keeping all these in your prayers.

From the eMail bag:

Sam Hamra, '55, will be featured on ABC's Nightline tonight (Feb. 4). I read his book some weeks back and though it was very interesting and a lot of pictures which to most of us is the really good part...seeing what people looked like before..then after! If you are thinking of any plastic surgery procedures, or have had previous surgeries, you would enjoy the book. Sam's practice is in Dallas. Check your local area for airing time of Nightline.

"Interesting to see the Jed Johnson tower -- sad to see that the roof is gone. We scaled it frequently 1949-1956, and I camped up there one night with some kids (worrying about rolling over and tumbling off the edge or down the stairwell). Sleeping bags on concrete weren't too cozy.
Murdoch Matthew, '49

"It?s funny how your memory plays tricks on you as you grow older. I don't mean forgetting! HA! I can remember playing in the 45 th division park and jumping off the boulders there, and I thought they were huge! When I saw them as an adult, I was so disappointed in their small size. As a teenager hiking through the mountains I remember how tall the tower [Jed Johnson] was. The photograph of it was shocking to me. Even imaging it with a roof, it is a shorty. My fear of heights probably contributed to the memory.
John Smith, '60

Why 'we' are all behind.....We had an ice storm blow in last Thursday (28th) that was horrific! Ice coated everything! Very shortly after I sent last LHS News on Jan. 28, our power went off. Off till late Tuesday evening Feb. 2. Seemed longer! We are all electric so that heat, no lights, no stove, no micro-wave, no TV, no computer, no hot water, no bath, no washer/dryer, NO fun!

Fortunately, we had firewood and a large fireplace that heated the immediate area. And, my resourceful Bill (hunter and fisherman), had a propane heater that helped or we would have frozen to death! But, had to stay close to both as neither heated much area! Damage to trees is major. We will lose 70-80% of our landscaping and that left is severely damaged. It was very cold but most fortunate that the temps did not get into teens or any single digits and NO wind! Or, this would have been much worse. It has also been overcast all this time - which helped with temp - and several nights were quite 'light' outside with reflected light. Being in a familiar place and using candles and flashlights, it was easy to navigate without falling over anything.
A lot of people moved to friends or relatives and the hotels were FULL. We went to bed at night in a clothes, coat, long handles (Bill), candles and a flashlight and so many quilts you couldn't move during the night! Stayed warm enough but was really bad when you had to get up! I remembered I didn't like camp the only time I went - Camp Fire camp - and that was at least in the summer and I was much younger and better able to adapt! haha!

We had invites to stay and we did appreciate them greatly but felt we needed to be at home. We have kitty cats and there were a few break-ins.Several fed us and let us shower, Johnna & Wayne, my sister Suzy on Monday which also allowed me to watch 'Jack Bauer' on my fav...'24'. Also, my sister-in-law, our preachers wife.

You realize and appreciate how much friends and family mean! Two of my siblings were also without power until last night - Wednesday evening. Took really good frozen items to Johnna Parks freezer, the rest we lost. Way too much to move, did store some on back porch in coolers w/ice as was as cold outside as the fridge. But, still had two ice-boxes w/freezers and one chest freezer to clean! Heated water over fireplace to have any warm water and Bill did same to make coffee and/or hot chocolate! Four days into this..... a kind and generous neighbor (Dr. Ron Cagle) let us run about 300 - 400 feet of extension cord from their house & we were able to run one heat unit we have that is gas but has electric motor. Saved us! Don't know why this didn't come up sooner!!?? Now we know where the plug is..!!

Did not realize until this started thawing Monday, a big limb knocked a hole in the roof and we had water - a LOT of water - pouring into guest bedroom and bath! Nightmare! Bill and my brother-in-law made a quick/temp fix & stopped water for now. On the list at the roofers! Then on Tuesday, part on a generator at Medicine Park water treatment plant 'broke'. City actually scared people into thinking there would be no water and caused a panic! Heard there were fights at several grocery stores over bottled water! But, while water pressure got pretty low in places and some did not have water for hour or two, was restored in less that 36 hours and all is well!
Multiple this by 1,000's in same boat! As of Thursday noon, 30,000 in OK still no power - 2,000 in Lawton, plus surrounding Cache, Elgin, Fletcher, Altus, Marlow, Duncan. Most importantly, I have heard about very little loss of life considering this was such a devastating storm! I have a new respect for the pioneers and see why so many died young! Appreciate and be thankful for the comforts you enjoy and we all take for granted cause its a gritch when they are absent!

Happy Birthday today - February 4 - to dear friend and classmate, Alice (Aurell) Choice. Not sure how many - haha - but we're all young at heart!

I am most thankful the worst is over and so appreciate those from PSO who worked day and night - and continue to work - to restore power and comfort and convenience to us all.

Working on getting things back to normal in the 'home town'.......regards to all......Georgia

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