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Getting so I hate to pick up the paper.....
Jeanne (Hobbs) Crow, 65, of Lawton passed on Feb. 12 after a lengthy illness. Jeanne was class '62. She was married 39 years to Gary Don Crow who passed in 2001. Jeanne is survived by a son Scott; six grandchildren; a sister, Judy Whitehouse; she was preceded in death by her parents, husband, a daughter - Priscilla Worthen. Service were Feb. 16 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>
I appreciate Linda (Ewing) Wilson, class '62, for giving me a heads-up on this.

Also passing, Anna (Cress) Blair, 56, of Lawton. Anna passed on Feb. 14 after a lengthy illness. She was a graduate of LHS but I do not know what year. Services were Feb. 19. She is survived by two sons; a daughter; her father; numerous grandchildren.

In addition, the passing of someone whose name may not ring a bell to many without some explanation.Charley Haselwander, 70, of Lawton, passed on Feb. 18. Back 'in the day' Charley was one of the cooks at Waynes drive-in. He was there 43 years and I'm fairly sure he overlapped Buryl Southerland, was there many years after Burl left and for some time after Wayne passed on.

Charley was stuck in a 50's time-warp. He loved and drove 50's 'muscle' cars, hair-cut was 'duck tails', slight 'flip' on the front, wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt and always a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of his shirt.He was rather quiet and minded his own business, somewhat cynical, rented a room for many years from Mrs. Russell (Tonys' mom) at 10th & B.
While I 'knew' Charley at Waynes, (used to go inside there with my dad) we became a little better acquainted in later years at Burgess Grill after Charley had retired. Charley used to stop in there pretty regular to eat or have coffee - as did we - and we visited over the years about Waynes, the good ol days, politics, life in general.

Charley was born in Germany. Married early on, divorced, had a son and 3 grandchildren. Charley was not exactly a 'wanna grab & hug' kinda person, but he was interesting and quite a unique character. An icon of days gone by and forever associated with the haunt of our youth - Waynes! Grave side service will be Wednesday Feb. 24 at Highland Cemetery, 3:00pm.
Extended obit and guest book. <>
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From the eMail bag:
Jan (Rice) Grogan writes that she has been in hospital and rehab since Jan 27 when she fell & fractured her hip. She had surgery, pins, rehab, and is now home and doing better!

'59 classmate Alice (Aurell) Choice will get a new knee on March 8.

Some have inquired and as of Tuesday, Royce Crosby remains in ICU at Memorial here in Lawton.
Certainly wishing all these with repaired or new parts, soon to be new parts........all the best! These surgeries are not fun but they certainly improve the quality of life!

FYI: The Cameron Junior College class of 1960 just celebrated their 50th this week-end with alumni coming from many places to celebrate. I am reasonably sure some of the Cameron grads had been LHS grads. Interesting read in Sunday Constitution - February 21 - page 7-A.

Regards to classmates all.......Georgia

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