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Originally sent Feb. 10

Appreciate classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton (cousin of deceased) and Ken Gross for sending info on Reginald D.Gaston. Reginald, 65, passed on Feb. 2 in Norman, OK after a long illness. A memorial service was held on Feb. 5. Reg was a '62 grad of LHS; '66 grad from Cameron; OU in '69; U of O college of law in 1972. He is survived by wife Jenny; 2 daughters - Sara and Gina. Siblings - brother Don, class '54; Joseph; Sisters - Betty; Barbara. Reginald had an extensive and distinguished career as an attorney and later a judge.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

From the eMail bag:
Sonya (Reynolds) Homan emailed that her brother - Jim Reynolds - had surgery in Lawton last week - I believe on Feb. 1. He was still in hospital this past Monday, doing pretty good, and may go home toward end of this week. He lives in Frederick.

To all: "Ray is half way through his treatments: 15 more radiation and 3 more chemo to go. He is doing so much better than we expected. Side effects are still minimal, limited to acne-like rash on face, slight hoarseness in throat, and sunburn in the radiation area. Of course, there is the extreme fatigue, but that seems to be lessening each day. Doctors appear to be marveling at his progress.
Six weeks after the last chemo treatment, he will have another PET scan to see if all these treatments have stopped the spread of the cancer.
Thanks again for all your well wishes and prayers."
Tommye (Boudreaux) and Ray Hobbs, both class '52.

Received this from the family of '59 classmate Stuart Tonemah. Sadly, we lost Stuart last year.
"Hello Friends,Well, it's been almost one year since our dad [Stuart Tonemah] passed away (Feb. 12th) and we will be closing his email account soon. For one reason or another you are listed in his contact list and we wanted to let you know you can contact my sister and I in the future at or
Also, I know dad had many friends who could not attend his funeral last year and we would love to hear from you! Email us your stories (I'm sure all hilarious knowing dad) and we'll comprise a keepsake book for us and his four grand daughters. Don't hold back on the stories, they'll appreciate his sense of humor the older they get!
A thousand ah-ho's,
Keri Tonemah Parks and Ginny Tonemah Underwood

Marilyn (Thompson) Seely, class '60, is in Lawton to help with her mom who fell and broke a hip. Marilyn left her sunny, pleasant home in Hawaii and got here in time for some of the inconvenience (in traveling) and mess of our ice storm! She said her mom is doing alright and stated.....
"There will be stories told about this winter beginning at Christmastime through the January-February ice storm for years to come."
I think shes right!

'59 classmate Phil Wilder and Laurie (Abshire) Patterson, '56, both wrote to say that their usually grim winter weather in CO is better than Oklahomas...right now!

Also enjoyed hearing from Dan McBee, '59;Louella (Hall) Michael, '57; Charles Darling, '64; Bert Click, '49; Dan Glascock, '59; Ron Hall, '55.

Sunday Jan. 31, again, Herb Jacobs covers LHS football with his 'Where are They Now'? column in the Lawton paper. Herb states that most of his material for the Jan. 31 article came from a 133 page book titled, 'All Staunch and True: the story of Lawton football from 1902 - 1950' by Dr. O.L. Parsons.
According to the article, Parsons also acknowledges assistance from his wife Mary; Yvonne Kidd; Mrs. Bob Hornbeck.

Contributing coaches were, Glenn Dosser, Gene Hancock, Bryan J. Griffin, Julius 'Ju' Johnston, and A.J. Rawlings. Also pitching in, Supt. John Shoemaker, Principal High Bish as well as Lew Johnson, Bill Dixon, Emmet Keough of the Lawton Constitution, Dr. L.H. Fouts, Blunk's Studio, and Ted Warkentin.

If you have the opportunity, think you will find the article most interesting and think there will be more from Parsons book in another column. Page 8-C, Sunday Constitution, Jan. 31. I would love to have a copy - or at least see a copy - of this book if anyone has one available.

Don't forget your special sweetie this Sunday. ...hearts and flowers to each of you......Georgia

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