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Originally sent Feb. 19

Once again we have had a loss. Candi (Champlin) Parker Lindgren, passed in OKC on Tuesday Feb. 16 after a long illness. Candi was class '61. Candi is survived by a daughter; a son; a sister - Kim (Champlin) Brown; five grandchildren. Grave side services were held Thursday Feb. 18 in OKC, long time family friend Blake Wade delivered the eulogy.
From the eMail bag:

"Ray spent his 79th birthday at the St. Agnes Cancer Clinic. It was about as nice a party as he had ever had. I took cupcakes for the staff, the other patients and their visitors. Mikel and Bernard sent a huge balloon bouquet, which was there when he walked in. Everyone was rushing around to wish him a happy birthday. It was wonderful surprise for him."
Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, class '52....Ray too! (pix below) Those are some major balloons! I think you could get airborne with those! Beautiful!RAY....Happy [belated] Birthday wishes from all of us!

Royce Crosby, class '53, had open heart surgery on Wednesday, Feb. 17, in Lawton. Initially the surgery was to replace/repair a valve, but then, bypass was required, as well as additional repair. Believe surgery went well but was much more extensive than originally anticipated. He has been in ICU since surgery and that is all I have right now.
btw....Royce has worked at Ramons Flowers for many years! Does beautiful work.

'59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs who has been a missionary in Africa the past 30 years sent a frightening email.....[it has been confirmed] "that we were in the process of a Coup d'etat. At this point the President has been captured and we are all waiting for the demands of the military....please pray for the country [Niger] and the President."
I hope you will join me in keeping all these with losses, health issues, and concern for their physical safety in your prayers.

Dean Henderson, class '57, sent a link to a most interesting web site. Here is what Dean had to say plus link:"This web site is really amazing. Some might enjoy seeing what their childhood homes and haunts look like these days.When you enter a street address you will see a picture of that place. There's a map inset with a little man on it - you can move the little man up and down the block if you need to. Really fun web site!"

'59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) and hubby Wayne Parks, class '60, celebrated their 35 anniversary on Valentines Day! Always a great occasion when people make these milestones. Rare these days! Major Congrats dear friends!

Sue (Chalk) Briggs, class '64, and hubby Scott, just returned from two weeks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They attended the annual camel races out in the desert and visited with their daughter and son, both of whom are currently working there. They said the 'sights' there are awesome!

I received several very nice compliments about my niece Tara Gill. It was most thoughtful and I appreciate it very much!

Once again, the recipients of LHS News grow. Remember, previously sent news, pictures, reunion info and MORE is archived at the WolverNet blog: RIGHT HERE!

Regards to all..........Georgia

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Clif said...

Just a quick question. Months ago I sent you information about Charlotte and me. I never expected you to publish it all but I thought you might mention receiving it. Was it too long, too personal, wrong words, boring, wrong format? Maybe I told you not to publish. I don't want you to publish anything about us now. I'm just curious by nature. Can you help me out?