Thursday, February 25, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent Feb. 23

Getting so I hate to pick up the paper.....
Jeanne (Hobbs) Crow, 65, of Lawton passed on Feb. 12 after a lengthy illness. Jeanne was class '62. She was married 39 years to Gary Don Crow who passed in 2001. Jeanne is survived by a son Scott; six grandchildren; a sister, Judy Whitehouse; she was preceded in death by her parents, husband, a daughter - Priscilla Worthen. Service were Feb. 16 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>
I appreciate Linda (Ewing) Wilson, class '62, for giving me a heads-up on this.

Also passing, Anna (Cress) Blair, 56, of Lawton. Anna passed on Feb. 14 after a lengthy illness. She was a graduate of LHS but I do not know what year. Services were Feb. 19. She is survived by two sons; a daughter; her father; numerous grandchildren.

In addition, the passing of someone whose name may not ring a bell to many without some explanation.Charley Haselwander, 70, of Lawton, passed on Feb. 18. Back 'in the day' Charley was one of the cooks at Waynes drive-in. He was there 43 years and I'm fairly sure he overlapped Buryl Southerland, was there many years after Burl left and for some time after Wayne passed on.

Charley was stuck in a 50's time-warp. He loved and drove 50's 'muscle' cars, hair-cut was 'duck tails', slight 'flip' on the front, wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt and always a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of his shirt.He was rather quiet and minded his own business, somewhat cynical, rented a room for many years from Mrs. Russell (Tonys' mom) at 10th & B.
While I 'knew' Charley at Waynes, (used to go inside there with my dad) we became a little better acquainted in later years at Burgess Grill after Charley had retired. Charley used to stop in there pretty regular to eat or have coffee - as did we - and we visited over the years about Waynes, the good ol days, politics, life in general.

Charley was born in Germany. Married early on, divorced, had a son and 3 grandchildren. Charley was not exactly a 'wanna grab & hug' kinda person, but he was interesting and quite a unique character. An icon of days gone by and forever associated with the haunt of our youth - Waynes! Grave side service will be Wednesday Feb. 24 at Highland Cemetery, 3:00pm.
Extended obit and guest book. <>
(picture above)

From the eMail bag:
Jan (Rice) Grogan writes that she has been in hospital and rehab since Jan 27 when she fell & fractured her hip. She had surgery, pins, rehab, and is now home and doing better!

'59 classmate Alice (Aurell) Choice will get a new knee on March 8.

Some have inquired and as of Tuesday, Royce Crosby remains in ICU at Memorial here in Lawton.
Certainly wishing all these with repaired or new parts, soon to be new parts........all the best! These surgeries are not fun but they certainly improve the quality of life!

FYI: The Cameron Junior College class of 1960 just celebrated their 50th this week-end with alumni coming from many places to celebrate. I am reasonably sure some of the Cameron grads had been LHS grads. Interesting read in Sunday Constitution - February 21 - page 7-A.

Regards to classmates all.......Georgia

Saturday, February 20, 2010

......LHS News......

Originally sent Feb. 19

Once again we have had a loss. Candi (Champlin) Parker Lindgren, passed in OKC on Tuesday Feb. 16 after a long illness. Candi was class '61. Candi is survived by a daughter; a son; a sister - Kim (Champlin) Brown; five grandchildren. Grave side services were held Thursday Feb. 18 in OKC, long time family friend Blake Wade delivered the eulogy.
From the eMail bag:

"Ray spent his 79th birthday at the St. Agnes Cancer Clinic. It was about as nice a party as he had ever had. I took cupcakes for the staff, the other patients and their visitors. Mikel and Bernard sent a huge balloon bouquet, which was there when he walked in. Everyone was rushing around to wish him a happy birthday. It was wonderful surprise for him."
Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, class '52....Ray too! (pix below) Those are some major balloons! I think you could get airborne with those! Beautiful!RAY....Happy [belated] Birthday wishes from all of us!

Royce Crosby, class '53, had open heart surgery on Wednesday, Feb. 17, in Lawton. Initially the surgery was to replace/repair a valve, but then, bypass was required, as well as additional repair. Believe surgery went well but was much more extensive than originally anticipated. He has been in ICU since surgery and that is all I have right now.
btw....Royce has worked at Ramons Flowers for many years! Does beautiful work.

'59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs who has been a missionary in Africa the past 30 years sent a frightening email.....[it has been confirmed] "that we were in the process of a Coup d'etat. At this point the President has been captured and we are all waiting for the demands of the military....please pray for the country [Niger] and the President."
I hope you will join me in keeping all these with losses, health issues, and concern for their physical safety in your prayers.

Dean Henderson, class '57, sent a link to a most interesting web site. Here is what Dean had to say plus link:"This web site is really amazing. Some might enjoy seeing what their childhood homes and haunts look like these days.When you enter a street address you will see a picture of that place. There's a map inset with a little man on it - you can move the little man up and down the block if you need to. Really fun web site!"

'59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) and hubby Wayne Parks, class '60, celebrated their 35 anniversary on Valentines Day! Always a great occasion when people make these milestones. Rare these days! Major Congrats dear friends!

Sue (Chalk) Briggs, class '64, and hubby Scott, just returned from two weeks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They attended the annual camel races out in the desert and visited with their daughter and son, both of whom are currently working there. They said the 'sights' there are awesome!

I received several very nice compliments about my niece Tara Gill. It was most thoughtful and I appreciate it very much!

Once again, the recipients of LHS News grow. Remember, previously sent news, pictures, reunion info and MORE is archived at the WolverNet blog: RIGHT HERE!

Regards to all..........Georgia

Monday, February 15, 2010

......LHS News......

Originally sent Feb. 13

Sadly we have lost several classmate Moms this week.....
Lela (Barnett) Stephens McDonald, 92, of Lawton, passed on Feb. 8 at a local care center. Mrs. McDonald is the mother of Chlorica (Stephens) Warkentin Farmer, class '57. The family will receive friends at Becker Funeral Home on Sunday Feb. 14, 1:00pm - 2:30pm. Family grave side services will immediately follow at Letitia Cemetery, east of Lawton.Extended obit and guest book at <>
Also, Grace D. (Taylor) Couch Estes, 97, of Glen Carbon, IL. Mrs Estes is the mother of Jimmy D. Couch, class '55. Mrs. Estes passed on Feb. 7. In addition to Jimmy Don, she has a daughter, Priscilla J. 'PJ' Estes. Funeral services will be in Lawton at 10:00am on Monday, Feb. 15 at the Frontier Chapel at Ft. Sill. Burial will follow at Ft. Sill Post Cemetery.
And, Opal P. (Weaver) White, 92, of Lawton. Opal passed on Feb. 8. She is mom to Sherry (White) Hayes of Altus, class '58; also a son, Wayne R. White who was class '55. (Wayne is deceased). I attended church with Ross and Opal White many years. They were lovely people. Ross passed in 1999.Services will be 10:30am on Monday Feb. 15, Northwest church of Christ with burial at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

From the eMail bag:
My sister-in-law Lugene Mushrush asked me to let people know she is really enjoying the emails and other cards and calls she has been receiving. Lugene is currently at home and continues to 'stay strong'. Always in a good mood despite serious health problems which beset her. Very positive attitude!

"It was interesting hearing about the book 'All Staunch and True: the story of Lawton football from 1902 - 1950' by Dr. O.L. Parsons. Dr. Parsons was the coach on the Washington Elementary football team I played on. He lived down the block and around the corner from me - I think on the northeast corner of 9th and Dearborn. I remember him with respect and fondness for the work he did with our team. He even chartered a bus (my Dad drove it) and took the team to an O.U. football game at the end of our season. What a thrill for a kid that age to be watching Bud Wilkinson coach the likes of Buck McPhail and others.

I still remember that trip. Dr. Parsons' son Mike was our quarterback and Eddie Newcombe was also a member of the team. We had a good season the year I played on that team, however we lost the championship in a very close game to Whittier. I have some very nice memories thanks to a person who committed himself to work with and teach kids some important lessons in life. I coached youth football later on in my life and I always tried to live up to the example he set for me."
Dean Henderson, class '57

Don't forget the 2nd Annual All LHS Classes Reunion coming up March 27. Reservation deadline is March 12! Just around the corner. ALL LHS classmates invited regardless of year! Details and contact info are posted on the WolverNet blog: right here....on the right>
FYI: The Wichita Mountains Quilt Guild, Inc., is hosting a quilt auction on Thursday Feb. 25 at the Great Plains Tech School (bldg 100 - auditorium) here in Lawton. This auction is to raise monies to replace stolen property that the Guild uses for its out-reach activities, charity quilt projects, and their biennial quilt show.Preview is at 6:30pm; bidding starts at 7:00pm. Cash or checks only, no cost to attend or bid. Several LHS classmates are Guild members. Additional info through the Leslie Powell Gallery.
I was so surprised on Friday sweetie Bill had a 'singing Valentine' delivered to me at our home. First singing anything I have received! My niece - Tara Gill - with the great voice (our opinion), works with other LHS chorus members to do these type things. They use it as a fund raiser for competitions and music trips. Several showed up, all looking snazzy in their red gowns with 'L' logo. Of course, even more special being LHS er's!!! They carry their little mini-cd player with music and Tara actually sang me a solo. It was beautiful!!!! They delivered Valentines all day Friday. (photo above).

btw....Tara is one in the middle and I apologize I do not have names of the others! Aren't they great looking kids! Tara will be LHS class 2011. LHS and time marches on!

Hope your Valentines Day is full of music. Georgia

......LHS News......
Originally sent Feb. 10

Appreciate classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton (cousin of deceased) and Ken Gross for sending info on Reginald D.Gaston. Reginald, 65, passed on Feb. 2 in Norman, OK after a long illness. A memorial service was held on Feb. 5. Reg was a '62 grad of LHS; '66 grad from Cameron; OU in '69; U of O college of law in 1972. He is survived by wife Jenny; 2 daughters - Sara and Gina. Siblings - brother Don, class '54; Joseph; Sisters - Betty; Barbara. Reginald had an extensive and distinguished career as an attorney and later a judge.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

From the eMail bag:
Sonya (Reynolds) Homan emailed that her brother - Jim Reynolds - had surgery in Lawton last week - I believe on Feb. 1. He was still in hospital this past Monday, doing pretty good, and may go home toward end of this week. He lives in Frederick.

To all: "Ray is half way through his treatments: 15 more radiation and 3 more chemo to go. He is doing so much better than we expected. Side effects are still minimal, limited to acne-like rash on face, slight hoarseness in throat, and sunburn in the radiation area. Of course, there is the extreme fatigue, but that seems to be lessening each day. Doctors appear to be marveling at his progress.
Six weeks after the last chemo treatment, he will have another PET scan to see if all these treatments have stopped the spread of the cancer.
Thanks again for all your well wishes and prayers."
Tommye (Boudreaux) and Ray Hobbs, both class '52.

Received this from the family of '59 classmate Stuart Tonemah. Sadly, we lost Stuart last year.
"Hello Friends,Well, it's been almost one year since our dad [Stuart Tonemah] passed away (Feb. 12th) and we will be closing his email account soon. For one reason or another you are listed in his contact list and we wanted to let you know you can contact my sister and I in the future at or
Also, I know dad had many friends who could not attend his funeral last year and we would love to hear from you! Email us your stories (I'm sure all hilarious knowing dad) and we'll comprise a keepsake book for us and his four grand daughters. Don't hold back on the stories, they'll appreciate his sense of humor the older they get!
A thousand ah-ho's,
Keri Tonemah Parks and Ginny Tonemah Underwood

Marilyn (Thompson) Seely, class '60, is in Lawton to help with her mom who fell and broke a hip. Marilyn left her sunny, pleasant home in Hawaii and got here in time for some of the inconvenience (in traveling) and mess of our ice storm! She said her mom is doing alright and stated.....
"There will be stories told about this winter beginning at Christmastime through the January-February ice storm for years to come."
I think shes right!

'59 classmate Phil Wilder and Laurie (Abshire) Patterson, '56, both wrote to say that their usually grim winter weather in CO is better than Oklahomas...right now!

Also enjoyed hearing from Dan McBee, '59;Louella (Hall) Michael, '57; Charles Darling, '64; Bert Click, '49; Dan Glascock, '59; Ron Hall, '55.

Sunday Jan. 31, again, Herb Jacobs covers LHS football with his 'Where are They Now'? column in the Lawton paper. Herb states that most of his material for the Jan. 31 article came from a 133 page book titled, 'All Staunch and True: the story of Lawton football from 1902 - 1950' by Dr. O.L. Parsons.
According to the article, Parsons also acknowledges assistance from his wife Mary; Yvonne Kidd; Mrs. Bob Hornbeck.

Contributing coaches were, Glenn Dosser, Gene Hancock, Bryan J. Griffin, Julius 'Ju' Johnston, and A.J. Rawlings. Also pitching in, Supt. John Shoemaker, Principal High Bish as well as Lew Johnson, Bill Dixon, Emmet Keough of the Lawton Constitution, Dr. L.H. Fouts, Blunk's Studio, and Ted Warkentin.

If you have the opportunity, think you will find the article most interesting and think there will be more from Parsons book in another column. Page 8-C, Sunday Constitution, Jan. 31. I would love to have a copy - or at least see a copy - of this book if anyone has one available.

Don't forget your special sweetie this Sunday. ...hearts and flowers to each of you......Georgia

Monday, February 8, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent Feb. 4

I am sorry to be late with some of this news, but a power outage from ice storm has really hampered everyone and got all behind! I am just now getting back on line. Read 'story' at end if you have interest.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Jean (Shanklin) Orr, 65, of Lawton. Jean passed on Jan. 28 after a short illness. Jean was LHS class '62. She is survived by husband LTC (retrd) Jerry P. Orr; a daughter Stacey, a son Patrick; 4 grand children; a twin sister Jane; brothers, Bob, Jack, and Jerry Shanklin.
Services were Feb. 1 with burial at Fort Sill National Cemetery at Elgin.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I received word that the brother of Don Gaston, '54, passed away but I do not have any other info including name of brother?

Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, '52, continues with treatment for her cancer. She is at home but her husband Hugh has gone to a rehab/nursing center here in Lawton as he has multiple health issues.

My sister-in-law, Lugene (Williams) Mushrush, '54, is currently at home and doing fairly well. She's a fighter and hanging in there!

'59 classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton is the one who had sent email to let me know that her daughter Tracy, 46, had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Beverly also has cancer and she said they were both in the hospital at the same time (Thanksgiving), across hall from each other and both currently doing well with treatment.

Chesley Montague, '52, was supposed to have gone home maybe today? He is much better at this time.
I know there are others with serious health issues also. I hope you will join me in keeping all these in your prayers.

From the eMail bag:

Sam Hamra, '55, will be featured on ABC's Nightline tonight (Feb. 4). I read his book some weeks back and though it was very interesting and a lot of pictures which to most of us is the really good part...seeing what people looked like before..then after! If you are thinking of any plastic surgery procedures, or have had previous surgeries, you would enjoy the book. Sam's practice is in Dallas. Check your local area for airing time of Nightline.

"Interesting to see the Jed Johnson tower -- sad to see that the roof is gone. We scaled it frequently 1949-1956, and I camped up there one night with some kids (worrying about rolling over and tumbling off the edge or down the stairwell). Sleeping bags on concrete weren't too cozy.
Murdoch Matthew, '49

"It?s funny how your memory plays tricks on you as you grow older. I don't mean forgetting! HA! I can remember playing in the 45 th division park and jumping off the boulders there, and I thought they were huge! When I saw them as an adult, I was so disappointed in their small size. As a teenager hiking through the mountains I remember how tall the tower [Jed Johnson] was. The photograph of it was shocking to me. Even imaging it with a roof, it is a shorty. My fear of heights probably contributed to the memory.
John Smith, '60

Why 'we' are all behind.....We had an ice storm blow in last Thursday (28th) that was horrific! Ice coated everything! Very shortly after I sent last LHS News on Jan. 28, our power went off. Off till late Tuesday evening Feb. 2. Seemed longer! We are all electric so that heat, no lights, no stove, no micro-wave, no TV, no computer, no hot water, no bath, no washer/dryer, NO fun!

Fortunately, we had firewood and a large fireplace that heated the immediate area. And, my resourceful Bill (hunter and fisherman), had a propane heater that helped or we would have frozen to death! But, had to stay close to both as neither heated much area! Damage to trees is major. We will lose 70-80% of our landscaping and that left is severely damaged. It was very cold but most fortunate that the temps did not get into teens or any single digits and NO wind! Or, this would have been much worse. It has also been overcast all this time - which helped with temp - and several nights were quite 'light' outside with reflected light. Being in a familiar place and using candles and flashlights, it was easy to navigate without falling over anything.
A lot of people moved to friends or relatives and the hotels were FULL. We went to bed at night in a clothes, coat, long handles (Bill), candles and a flashlight and so many quilts you couldn't move during the night! Stayed warm enough but was really bad when you had to get up! I remembered I didn't like camp the only time I went - Camp Fire camp - and that was at least in the summer and I was much younger and better able to adapt! haha!

We had invites to stay and we did appreciate them greatly but felt we needed to be at home. We have kitty cats and there were a few break-ins.Several fed us and let us shower, Johnna & Wayne, my sister Suzy on Monday which also allowed me to watch 'Jack Bauer' on my fav...'24'. Also, my sister-in-law, our preachers wife.

You realize and appreciate how much friends and family mean! Two of my siblings were also without power until last night - Wednesday evening. Took really good frozen items to Johnna Parks freezer, the rest we lost. Way too much to move, did store some on back porch in coolers w/ice as was as cold outside as the fridge. But, still had two ice-boxes w/freezers and one chest freezer to clean! Heated water over fireplace to have any warm water and Bill did same to make coffee and/or hot chocolate! Four days into this..... a kind and generous neighbor (Dr. Ron Cagle) let us run about 300 - 400 feet of extension cord from their house & we were able to run one heat unit we have that is gas but has electric motor. Saved us! Don't know why this didn't come up sooner!!?? Now we know where the plug is..!!

Did not realize until this started thawing Monday, a big limb knocked a hole in the roof and we had water - a LOT of water - pouring into guest bedroom and bath! Nightmare! Bill and my brother-in-law made a quick/temp fix & stopped water for now. On the list at the roofers! Then on Tuesday, part on a generator at Medicine Park water treatment plant 'broke'. City actually scared people into thinking there would be no water and caused a panic! Heard there were fights at several grocery stores over bottled water! But, while water pressure got pretty low in places and some did not have water for hour or two, was restored in less that 36 hours and all is well!
Multiple this by 1,000's in same boat! As of Thursday noon, 30,000 in OK still no power - 2,000 in Lawton, plus surrounding Cache, Elgin, Fletcher, Altus, Marlow, Duncan. Most importantly, I have heard about very little loss of life considering this was such a devastating storm! I have a new respect for the pioneers and see why so many died young! Appreciate and be thankful for the comforts you enjoy and we all take for granted cause its a gritch when they are absent!

Happy Birthday today - February 4 - to dear friend and classmate, Alice (Aurell) Choice. Not sure how many - haha - but we're all young at heart!

I am most thankful the worst is over and so appreciate those from PSO who worked day and night - and continue to work - to restore power and comfort and convenience to us all.

Working on getting things back to normal in the 'home town'.......regards to all......Georgia

......LHS News......
Originally sent Jan. 28

Several have inquired so I wanted to give this follow-up on Chesley Montague. Ches had surgery here in Lawton last week. Kidney removed, it was malignant. Not sure on course of treatment as far as chemo, radiation, etc. at this time. As of today [Jan. 27] he is in a rehab unit at Memorial and is doing pretty well, all considered. I know his wife Jeannie (Lee), and the family would appreciate your prayers.

I must apologize that I have 'lost' an email that I received recently! I get a lot of email and I try to 'file' LHS emails separately and apparently I did a good job as I can't locate that particular email. I also keep things by 'nick-names' and it's difficult to back track sometimes. A classmate wrote to say that her daughter had been diagnosed with cancer and would be taking treatment. If the person who sent that info would not mind re-sending I would appreciate it as I wanted to mention it. We all need all the prayers and encouragement we can get.

From the eMail bag:....
"sorry to hear of Bob Ledford's death........he was a good friend to me in high school......think we took Salesmanship together .....with Mr. Milton Worley as teacher. Nancy (Hunt) Herritt

Birthday on Jan. 22 for Ann (Attaway) Wootten, who would have been class of '51, but married & moved before graduation. Ann is cousin of Barbara (Barclay) Stapleton, class '54. Barbara let me know that Ann suffered two bad falls in December and remains in rehab for two broken bones in her hand and one in her foot! Barbara asks you to please remember Ann in your prayers.

Have an 'older'...maybe I should say 'upper classman', asking if anyone knows anything about grads....Wayne Wagmon or Bruce Bledsoe? They would have been class of....about 1948. If you have any info, please send along to me! Thanks!
Had a lovely lunch recently with Janey Scott and Donna (Bridges) Waller. Donna has a lovely home in Lake City, CO but has been here couple months during worst of winter! Which as it turns out...was just about as bad here in Lawton!!!

At a social event last week....not a school or reunion function but certainly chock-full of LHS grads. Had visits with....Billie (Suggs) Penn and hubby Bill; Adele (Skrdle) Beck; Sue (Dunnegan) Burpo; Donna (Aust) Littlefield; Jay Davis; Chlorica (Stephens) Farmer; Joe Skrdle (Adeles brother).
So, hey! 'We' LHS 'ers are still in the thick of things!

The monthly column by Charles Ellenbrook in Lawton Constitution [Jan. 26] is a great story on the construction of Jed Johnson tower out in the Wichitas. The tower was completed in early 1941. I am sure most of you remember it. I know I do as my family picnicked out in the area a lot in those days, also visits to Craterville that expanded on to the mountains. I ventured a few times to the top of the tower which was accessible in those days (40's into 50's). At some point it was padlocked to the public. The newspaper picture (above) is of the tower as it is today and it overlooks the waters of Lake Jed Johnson. Mt. Scott and Mt. Wall in the background. If you get a chance, story is in the 'Neighbors' section of the paper, page 1 - B.

Remember....previously sent LHS news, photos, reunion info, and MORE...archived RIGHT HERE:

Heavy ice covering all today. BIG limbs breaking off my trees like toothpicks! Will be a lot of landscape damage. Hope no 'person' fatalities!

Regards to all..........Georgia