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Originally sent May 25

Well, it seems Mike Minter is a former Wolverine with a very impressive career in sports as well as his personal life. I appreciate my friend Craig pointing this news story out to me & 'recalling' that he was from Lawton & had been a Wolverine. (I actually met Mikes sister some years ago but it didn't click until I got to checking).

Wikipedia has lot of info on the former LHS *star* and he seems to be heading once again in the 'right' direction (pun intended) as he considers a career in politics. He must have been at LHS very late 80's, early 90's. Some one suggested he graduated LHS in '92. This excerpt from wiki on his high school/college days before the Carolina Panthers:

Minter attended Lawton High School in Lawton, OK where he started as running back and free safety. As a running back, he led the state with 1,589 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns on 187 carries as a senior. Minter also averaged 21 points per game in basketball. Minter then attended the University of Nebraska, where he was a member of both national championship teams of 1994 and 1995.
Since I am a fellow GOP'er, I certainly wish Mike a TD if he hits the campaign trail!

I appreciate Earl Barton, John & Susan Mackey, Myrna May, for info on Minter.
'59er Preston McPhail emailed this note from Florida where he is vacationing:

"Sorry to hear that my friend DeWayne [Beggs] passed away.His band played a lot at several Lawton clubs. In the early days when they were just getting started, the band would come to my house for dinner. I even made a couple of trips with them to their performances. They were really a talented group of guys.We were able to watch the shuttle launch from beach just north of Cape Kennedy."

Received this call for help from '59 classmate Sharon (Cummings) Bolt....On May 13, 2009 the Wichita Mtn. Quilt Guild's cargo trailer and contents was stolen. The cargo trailer was a black 6x12, 2000 Cargo Craft tandem axle enclosed trailer, with chrome fenders. The trailer contained our quilt racks and most of our quilt show operating supplies. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you have any information contact Carol Capshaw 580-365-4555, Pam Wisner 580-429-8280, or Kathy Burnett 580-429-3558.

We are all saddened and hurt as this trailer and the contents represent over 6 years of work by our guild to raise the funds to purchase. The contents of the trail are not what the thieves were after. We fear the contents may have been dumped somewhere. Please be alert to these items as you are out and about & please call with any information.

Beverly (Spradlin) Raley sent this great news clipping that she ran across while going through some of her 'scrapbook stuff'. (see at top). It's wonderful! Seems a 'Queen' representative from each Lawton school. You will recognize most of them. These gals went on to be '59 grads, so go backward & do the numbers for year this was taken. Babs represented my grad school alma mater - Washington.

Caption under the picture reads: "KIDS' DAY QUEENS. These lovely lassies will be crowned queens of Lawton's midget football teams tomorrow at Roosevelt stadium. Pictured left to right are (front row) Mona Ray, McKinley; Marline Roth, Taft; Beverly Spradlin, Howell; Patricia Sullivan, Woodrow Wilson; (center row) Patricia Tompkins, Lincoln; Twyla Stuever, St. Mary's; Babs Yarmuk, Washington; Wildena Guy, FSIS; (back row) Janice Vaughn, Will Rogers; Bonnie Shegog, Douglas; Linda Kay Woods, Swinney; Brownie Sue Robertson, Whittier; Sherrie Griser, Emerson."

Yours truly taking it easy this week-end and looking forward to a family/friends cook-out this evening...even though, right now, storming and raining!Remembering so many loved ones this Memorial Day........Georgia

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