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Originally sent June 19

I am so sorry to report the passing of James R. 'Jimmy' Ballard, 74, of Lawton. Jimmy passed June 17. Jimmy was class '53 and attended Cameron & Oklahoma A & M.He is survived by wife Beth (Isbell), two sons and five daughters.Services will be Saturday June 20, at Sullivan Village church of Christ, 10:00am. Burial will be in Walters Cemetery.The family will receive friends today (Friday) at Becker Funeral Home, 5:00pm - 7:00pm.Jimmy went to school same time frame as Bill & was a long time friend.
On line guest book at: <>

Also passing, Robert Herbert 'Herb' Lowry, 87, of Lawton. Herb passed June 16 and services were Friday morning.Herb was LHS grad class 1941. Herb worked for Ozmun Wholesale and Montgomery Wards.He is survived by wife Jean (Moxley), one son and a daughter.
On line guest book at: <>
Our sympathies to these families in their loss.

Received this email. If someone will send a [main]contact (address - email), will send in next news....meanwhile guys, circle the date and start planning......

"Georgia.....Some of the classmates of '54 are planning an outing in Sedona, Az in October (13 - 16). Contact Carroll (Hankins) Pokorny or Janice (Hanes) Poston Brummett for info on hotel. Also Peggy Long and Jane Greene I believe have the info. Will be very informal. Make plans now. Hopefully those in Lawton or wherever will respond. Just an informal get together in beautiful Sedona, AZ. Thanks, Janette (Hanes)
[Jane & Peggy both in Lawton]

Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley is re-cooping from a very successful back surgery on June 1. Mary Ann was patient at McBride in OKC and says she had super care and almost overnight recovery!!!She will be spending part of July in Red River, NM, trout fishing with friend Marcia Baden.
Hope its cool and lots of fish!

Passing along more 'car' remembrances.....

"All I can say is I sure wish I had Steve Colwell's memory. I don't even know what I did yesterday, but I do remember my '58 Chevy DelRay."
Kay (Crossland) Arceneaux

Jerry Moon drove a Hudson Hornet that we thought was super. Six months after we were married we were in a flood in Tulsa which swamped the Hornet. I don't remember who he bought it from, but he was sure proud of it.
Linda (Hawkins) Moon

"Bought a 38 Ford for $75.00 about 1958. Took the seats out and used an upside down 5 gal metal bucket to sit on to drive. Worked ok, but was a little iffy on corners. Then use two of our lawn chairs until I got tired of taking them out and into the back yard when we had company. Finally found an old school bus seat in a wrecking yard on the north side of Snyder and that did ok for a good bit. Of course part of the impetus for the seat change occurred when my father needed me to go change his tire while he went to an appointment in my car. It was very shortly after that when I changed from the lawn chairs to the school bus seat." Duane Montgomery, '56, Ft Worth.

Well, Duane's story is certainly a hoot and gives credence to the old adage...."necessity is the mother of....."

Almost beats the story of my brother-in-laws first Tennessee.....his dad found it for him...have to be mid-70's, '55 Chevy, had NO engine! Tabs dad towed it home & Tab said he 'drove it' all the way, several hours in very cold weather, no heater of course, but he rode in there with coat on & held on to steering wheel all the way! He finally got engine, got it running...he put bucket seats in front, but for a while only had bolts for the driver side. So, when he turned corners, he said passengers had to hold on to the door or they got 'flipped' into back seat!Fortunately, by the time my sister met him, he had a truck with an engine AND seats bolted down! haha!

Tom Bullock emailed that he was happy the Bullock Bros could contribute to the LHS News! 'Us' too! 'Colorful' classmates makes for fun - wonderful, memories!

btw....does anyone have a picture of Tyrees hearse?

Renovations continue on the Old High School/Central Jr High building. This week, workers removed the metal sign which read 'Central Jr. High', which was put up in 1954 after the high school became the junior high. Removal of the metal sign exposed the original stone sign underneath which reads ...'Lawton High School'. (pixs at right).
We're hoping the building might be available for a 'tour' this fall?

LHS class 1969 is planning a 40th reunion. Set for Friday and Saturday July 3-4, 2009. For information call Marilyn Kitzrow at (580) 357-3818; Dwight Meadors at (580) 581-1671or LHS (580) 355-5170.

Class '59: reunion planning meeting this next Tuesday, June 23, 7:00pm Milo Gordon Honda. info due asap to Beverly at:
Drop deadline is July 15.

Remembering my own - 'the best' - Dad and wishing all
you Dads a wonderful Fathers Day!
George Washington Gill
1907 ~ 1991

To all........Georgia

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