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As 'rumors' and 'versions' run rampant on some of the more colorful car stories......comments continue on the inFamous Bullock Bros Hudson [car] stories.....straight from the source(s).....

Well Gang…
Here is the story as Lon Parks of Lawton (Bill's assistant @ over night engine swaps) remembers it and had it published in the Old Cars Weekly. Attached is the article that was published. I wrote and told Lon that the black convertible Hudson Commodore was the Hudson that brother Tom rolled on the way back from a Texas vacation; and Dad had the top cut off. I don't remember the steer horns on the hood of the car. The rest of the story is best that I can remember.
Good hearing from you all. Richard & Marty Bullock
Steve Colwell did a great job with memories. [John] Tyree's hearse should have been included.

A 'Car Story'
Submitted by Lon Parks
Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma in the 50's our main recreation was working on & drag racing our old Fords and Chevies. My best friend was a wild and crazy guy named Bill Bullock. Bill was up for anything anywhere and went on in his adult life to race Sprint cars on the west coast.

Bills dad owned the local Hudson agency and in an effort to hold down his extracurricular activities bought him an old, clapped out '46 Hudson 6 cylinder coupe. We kidded Bill unmercifully as he tooled around the town leaving a cloud of black smoke behind.Mr. Bullock had an almost new black Hudson convertible with a big straight 8 engine that was his pride and joy. It had a huge set of steer horns on the hood and it was the lead car in every local parade & rodeo. Most of the time it set in one corner of the shop, kept spotless by his yard man.

One Friday evening I got a call from Bill. His first words were "Lon, get over to my house. My folks are out of town and I'm going to switch engines with dad's parade car." He reasoned that he never drives it fast...he will never notice.As Mr. Bullock was a pretty good sized and in my mind a man to be reckoned with, I came up with several objections. But Bill would hear none of them. An hour later we were in Bills back yard with the hoods up on both cars and the chain hoist hanging from one of the larger limbs of the biggest pecan trees in the Bullock's back yard.Sunday evening we wrapped it up and returned the "Black Beauty" to the Hudson garage spitting and sputtering.

For the next two weeks we terrorized the stoplight drag racing scene in Lawton. Gone were the sneers and snide comments. We had a wonderful time.

However.....I get another call from Bill around 7:00pm one Tuesday. "I'm on my way to your house" he says. "I'll have to stay with you a few days." Turns out Mr. Bullock decided to take the parade car out for a little spin. Upon his return to the garage, he told his best mechanic to do a little tune up. Shes got no power at all he said. A few minutes later, the mechanic, trying not to laugh, said it looks like Bill has switched engines on you. Mr. Bullock did not see the humor in all of this and it took about a week for things to settle down enough for Bill to return home.

Years later I saw Mr. Bullock and his wife at a local restaurant and mentioned that I was the one that helped Bill with the switch. Although Mr. Bullock was around 80 at the time, for a few minutes I was looking for a quick way out.Then, he broke down with laughter! end

Zow! I guess I had a sheltered life. I had NO idea such things were going on. hhahahhaaaa...great story...wonderful memories. Appreciate everyones input!

From the 'home-town'........ Georgia

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