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Originally sent June 18

NEW! When you have opportunity, check the WolverNet blog as I have just linked pictures from the class 1960 reunion in 2005. I did not take these pictures but whoever did.....did a great job & also put names on them!
btw.....IF any names wrong or missing....please let me know.

I also added the pictures that '58 classmate Ron Sheffield sent of the Atlantis Shuttle/Hubble repair Mission. Some of them are the 'official' pictures of the mission. Also posted, some of the pictures from the site.
I appreciate John Smith, '60, for help in getting some of these pictures into 'format' for the WolverNet..... for me of limited computer knowledge! (more on John below).
I am working on class 1957 - 50th reunion pictures and a miscellaneous file. Hope to have them on the blog soon. Go to right hand side of blog, scroll to 'links to LHS pictures'.

'The car info from Steve Colwell and the story from the Bullocks and Lon Parks generated the most comments of any 'news' I've sent. So happy all of you enjoyed and I appreciate all the positive comments on the news and blog.I have a few more 'car tidbits' I will share soon.

A friend from my past contacted me this week. John said he ran across the WolverNet by happen chance. John (Johnny) Smith is class '60 but we grew up together as attended church together. Real surprise to hear from John after many, many years. He has some great stories and remembrances. John is an architect with own firm in Houston (retired now).
One of my favorite recipes (Pumpkin Bread) came from Johns mom Elizabeth....over 40 years ago!!!! It's wonderful!
btw.....while swapping stories and pictures back & forth, John sent me copy of some of his art work. (see above)

I have seen Bill Stamps & lovely wife Sharon (Hartline) several times lately!!!! Always enjoying a meal! haha! Obviously, me too!!!! Sharon, bless her, fell & broke her forearm few weeks back so she is wrapped up right now!!!

Also visited with Richard Neptune & wife Carol at Biancos recently.
btw....IF you want a pizza for old times sake, better do it soon. A 'renewal' project on 2nd street may put Biancos out of year?

And, I've seen Sid Ahlschlager out eating more times than I have fingers and toes! He's the only one who eats out more than I do! ahhahahahhahaha....kidding you Sid....told you I would!

Email talk with '59 classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton. Bev is in hosp fighting bronchitis but says she is improving. Certainly wish her all the best. She plans to be here in October.

Had a land-line from '59 classmate Jerry Morgan. Jerry continues to recover from a stroke couple years ago and is - for most part - doing well. He has been a big help in keeping up with '59 grads.

'59 classmate Johnna Parks will have hip replace end of this month and '63 classmate and my brother, George, will have knee replace first part of July! They will be in same facility at same time. Contest to see who is best/worst patient! Gonna be a race! haha!

Marilyn & Richard Smith back from 3 weeks in Italy & Ireland. Janey & Bill Scott home from Alaska. Carol (Barnes) Glick & Steve back from several weeks running all over CA.
Several off to Santa Fe and Colorado for summer. Hope its cooler!

Shirley (Scott) Pace, '61, sent this......
Shirley is looking for people who would qualify to be members of the Pioneer Club, formerly Pioneer Women. The club is in process of collecting photographs of the 50's and 60's from pioneer families for the Museum archives.The club dresses in period costumes and participates in various Lawton events including the annual birthday parade in August and the rodeo. In order to be eligible for the club, your family must have settled in Lawton BEFORE statehood (1907). If you can help Shirley:

We enjoyed having Bills daughter Leslie home for a few days recently. She lives in the Boston area. She & Bill managed to get in some fishing while she was here. For all you fisherpersons....... 14 really nice 'cats' - 2 in one evening trial run, 12 next day. Couple went 3# plus. Really tasty too!

True story: driving down Gore on Tuesday evening.....bright red, new model Chevy, tag read: "LHS4evh"
Unknown male driving!

Missing the old 'home town'? Where to go when visiting 'home'? Check this out:

Regards to all.......... Georgia

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