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Originally sent June 27

"Hi all, I remember his [Bill Williams] nickname and almost sent an email to ask Georgia if she knew it. Bill's father was my guardian angel when I was a kid.....Jeci Ramos aka Donnie Ramos"

For explanation: my father-in-law [A.W. Williams] had Earl Drug in downtown Lawton but he was also part owner of the Lawton Giants, a class D farm club baseball team. In addition to Bill, he had a lot of young LHS high school guys who worked at the games. Jim Warkentin, RA Burt, Wayne Kniffin, they did all the 'chores' - ran the concession stand, sold pop up in the stands, gathered up the pillows, tried to keep the field in shape. Donnie Ramos was the 'bat boy'. Kept them out of trouble. haha!

And, speaking of Donnie, ran into his sister Cookie on Friday evening! She was doing great!

From the mail bag.......
"I am in town for a couple of weeks helping prepare for Mom's 90th birthday party-reunion on the 3rd, 4th and 5th. Had lunch with Carolyn (Rhody) Fox, ' 60 and Dick in Seattle last week. Movies and dinner with Carol (Barnes) Glick and Jane (Babbitt) Schau this week and hope to see others while I am in town. I have lots of car stories but my pictures are all at home so will have to forward them later." Marilyn (Thompson) Seely, '60

I enjoyed reading Steve Colwell's recollection of cars from back in the day. It brought back somememories of my own. I remember Charlie Jennings had a 1947 Chrysler Town and Country woody. It had strips of wood on the body. Charlie took Tommie Warner, Jimmy Fox, and me toa football game at Ardmore in that car one Friday night.
I also remember Bill Temple's '58 Chevy. [Duane sent correction below] I think it was Thanksgiving day in 1956, Bill, my cousin Leon Pettijohn, Jimmy Fox, Tommy Warner, and I went to Duncan in his Chevy to watchthe Lawton-Duncan football game. Lawton won, and after the game we joined several cars drivingaround downtown Duncan honking our car horns. We passed a movie theater that was showing an Elvis Presley movie. Near the box office was a near-life sized cardboard cut-out of Elvis. We circled the block and one of the guys ran and grabbed the cut-out and we stuck it in Bill's trunk.That was a good day--we beat Duncan and drove home with Elvis in the truck! Duane Robison

Then...Duane sent this addition with some 'corrections'......
"I re-read my story and I realized that it would have been difficult to go to Duncan in 1956 in BillTemple's 1958 Chevy. The trip to Duncan was in 1956 because Ronnie Hartline and Don Salmon were seniors on that football team. They were a year ahead of my class and graduated in 1957. Steve Colwell's story said it was a 1959 Chevy so I was wrong on that, too. It must have been a car that Bill drove before the 1959 Chevy. Seems like he always had a newer car when he was in high school.An interesting situation followed the LHS win over Duncan that afternoon. Duncan had beaten El Reno and El Reno had beaten Lawton. The conference championship ended up in a three-way tie. The three coaches met on the field after the game and flipped coins to determine which team went on to the state play-offs. One coach flipped a silver dollar, one flipped a fifty-cent piece, andone flipped a penny. The penny was the odd flip and won. El Reno was the winner and advancedto the state play-offs. So that's my story. I would appreciate it if you would correct my dates for me."

"After reading the article on our old school cars we found these photo's taken our senior year taken at Elmer Thomas Park and thought you might like to add these to the blog. The old '51 Ford served us well, we drove it a year after we married. Luther 'Lou' Green" (Pix above)

"Mitch, Thanks for the memories! I remember that Raccoon coat." Dick [Bullock]

The past week The County News devoted the whole back page to Jimmy Ballard. Jimmy was a great guy & very well thought-of by all. The County News is a weekly newspaper of Cache.

I am currently searching for a cool place to celebrate the 4th! Unfortunately, my freezer is full! Georgia

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