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......LHS News......
Originally sent June 27

"Hi all, I remember his [Bill Williams] nickname and almost sent an email to ask Georgia if she knew it. Bill's father was my guardian angel when I was a kid.....Jeci Ramos aka Donnie Ramos"

For explanation: my father-in-law [A.W. Williams] had Earl Drug in downtown Lawton but he was also part owner of the Lawton Giants, a class D farm club baseball team. In addition to Bill, he had a lot of young LHS high school guys who worked at the games. Jim Warkentin, RA Burt, Wayne Kniffin, they did all the 'chores' - ran the concession stand, sold pop up in the stands, gathered up the pillows, tried to keep the field in shape. Donnie Ramos was the 'bat boy'. Kept them out of trouble. haha!

And, speaking of Donnie, ran into his sister Cookie on Friday evening! She was doing great!

From the mail bag.......
"I am in town for a couple of weeks helping prepare for Mom's 90th birthday party-reunion on the 3rd, 4th and 5th. Had lunch with Carolyn (Rhody) Fox, ' 60 and Dick in Seattle last week. Movies and dinner with Carol (Barnes) Glick and Jane (Babbitt) Schau this week and hope to see others while I am in town. I have lots of car stories but my pictures are all at home so will have to forward them later." Marilyn (Thompson) Seely, '60

I enjoyed reading Steve Colwell's recollection of cars from back in the day. It brought back somememories of my own. I remember Charlie Jennings had a 1947 Chrysler Town and Country woody. It had strips of wood on the body. Charlie took Tommie Warner, Jimmy Fox, and me toa football game at Ardmore in that car one Friday night.
I also remember Bill Temple's '58 Chevy. [Duane sent correction below] I think it was Thanksgiving day in 1956, Bill, my cousin Leon Pettijohn, Jimmy Fox, Tommy Warner, and I went to Duncan in his Chevy to watchthe Lawton-Duncan football game. Lawton won, and after the game we joined several cars drivingaround downtown Duncan honking our car horns. We passed a movie theater that was showing an Elvis Presley movie. Near the box office was a near-life sized cardboard cut-out of Elvis. We circled the block and one of the guys ran and grabbed the cut-out and we stuck it in Bill's trunk.That was a good day--we beat Duncan and drove home with Elvis in the truck! Duane Robison

Then...Duane sent this addition with some 'corrections'......
"I re-read my story and I realized that it would have been difficult to go to Duncan in 1956 in BillTemple's 1958 Chevy. The trip to Duncan was in 1956 because Ronnie Hartline and Don Salmon were seniors on that football team. They were a year ahead of my class and graduated in 1957. Steve Colwell's story said it was a 1959 Chevy so I was wrong on that, too. It must have been a car that Bill drove before the 1959 Chevy. Seems like he always had a newer car when he was in high school.An interesting situation followed the LHS win over Duncan that afternoon. Duncan had beaten El Reno and El Reno had beaten Lawton. The conference championship ended up in a three-way tie. The three coaches met on the field after the game and flipped coins to determine which team went on to the state play-offs. One coach flipped a silver dollar, one flipped a fifty-cent piece, andone flipped a penny. The penny was the odd flip and won. El Reno was the winner and advancedto the state play-offs. So that's my story. I would appreciate it if you would correct my dates for me."

"After reading the article on our old school cars we found these photo's taken our senior year taken at Elmer Thomas Park and thought you might like to add these to the blog. The old '51 Ford served us well, we drove it a year after we married. Luther 'Lou' Green" (Pix above)

"Mitch, Thanks for the memories! I remember that Raccoon coat." Dick [Bullock]

The past week The County News devoted the whole back page to Jimmy Ballard. Jimmy was a great guy & very well thought-of by all. The County News is a weekly newspaper of Cache.

I am currently searching for a cool place to celebrate the 4th! Unfortunately, my freezer is full! Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent June 24

So very sorry to once again have losses among our more Senior graduates.......

Billy Eugene 'Bill' McCarter, 75, of Lawton passed on June 18. Graveside services were held on June 15 at Sunset Memorial Gardens.Bill was a '52 grad of LHS and attended Cameron. He is survived by two daughters and a brother.
On line guest book at: <>

Also passing, Jesse Marie (Zorger) Wilson, 91, of Lawton. Marie passed June 20. Marie graduated LHS but not sure of year. (30's?). She then attended Southwestern State and graduated cum laude with a Masters in Education and Music.I attended church for many years with Marie, she was a great musician and taught violin many years in her home as well as in several Lawton schools. She was one of a few violinists with the Lawton Concert Orchestra - later the Lawton Phiharmonic. She was a sister to Blunt Zorger, longtime Lawton businessman (deceased). She is survived by a son Clarence. Services will be Wednesday June 24, at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel, 2:00pm.
On line guest book at: <>

'Car' stories continue to be focus of many great memories:
Mitch Braley, '57, shared this 'story' and pix (at top):
"I ran across this picture of my very first new car. My dad and I could not afford a new car for me when I was in high school and college, so after I was out on my own after college, and had a good job, I purchased this 1965 Ford Mustang. I was so excited about this brand-new car that I drove it to Lawton from Tulsa to show my parents the very first weekend after buying it. They had just purchased a new home at 7507 Wycliffe Lane in Lawton about a year or two before, so here is a picture of my parents very first new home, and my very first new car.
I remember Dick Bullock at Oklahoma State University. We studied some together and I thought he was the coolest cat on campus. He wore a full length coonskin coat. One more thing. Steve Colwell roomed with me at OSU for about a year and during a summer school session, we drove to Garnett, Kansas one weekend for the sports car races in my old 1952 Chevy hardtop."

Jimmy Reynolds emailed reminiscing about playing little league ball with Jimmy Ballard and my Bill (Pee Wee). Not too many remember that nickname. Think Ballard was catcher & Bill played third base. Jimmy also stated that he & wife JoAnn are doing well and living - "loafing" - in Frederick!

Had great visit via phone last evening with Charles & Jackie Darling out CA way.....always good to visit with dear friends. They are concerned, as are a lot of CA residents.....NOT earthquakes but a huge sea of RED ink engulfing the state!

Well, I continue to 'eat out' and see many classmates doing same:
Again, at Burgess, had opportunity to talk with Marilyn (Gordon) Smith, in Lawton visiting. She was with her sister Linda & brother-in-law Mike. And, fellow '59 classmate Ernest Godlove, a frequent Burgess burger muncher! Richard & Carol Neptune were also enjoying burgers with kids and grandkids! I'm tellin 'ya....Burgess is the place to be for great burger and lots of 'visiting'!

Regards to all........Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent June 19

I am so sorry to report the passing of James R. 'Jimmy' Ballard, 74, of Lawton. Jimmy passed June 17. Jimmy was class '53 and attended Cameron & Oklahoma A & M.He is survived by wife Beth (Isbell), two sons and five daughters.Services will be Saturday June 20, at Sullivan Village church of Christ, 10:00am. Burial will be in Walters Cemetery.The family will receive friends today (Friday) at Becker Funeral Home, 5:00pm - 7:00pm.Jimmy went to school same time frame as Bill & was a long time friend.
On line guest book at: <>

Also passing, Robert Herbert 'Herb' Lowry, 87, of Lawton. Herb passed June 16 and services were Friday morning.Herb was LHS grad class 1941. Herb worked for Ozmun Wholesale and Montgomery Wards.He is survived by wife Jean (Moxley), one son and a daughter.
On line guest book at: <>
Our sympathies to these families in their loss.

Received this email. If someone will send a [main]contact (address - email), will send in next news....meanwhile guys, circle the date and start planning......

"Georgia.....Some of the classmates of '54 are planning an outing in Sedona, Az in October (13 - 16). Contact Carroll (Hankins) Pokorny or Janice (Hanes) Poston Brummett for info on hotel. Also Peggy Long and Jane Greene I believe have the info. Will be very informal. Make plans now. Hopefully those in Lawton or wherever will respond. Just an informal get together in beautiful Sedona, AZ. Thanks, Janette (Hanes)
[Jane & Peggy both in Lawton]

Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley is re-cooping from a very successful back surgery on June 1. Mary Ann was patient at McBride in OKC and says she had super care and almost overnight recovery!!!She will be spending part of July in Red River, NM, trout fishing with friend Marcia Baden.
Hope its cool and lots of fish!

Passing along more 'car' remembrances.....

"All I can say is I sure wish I had Steve Colwell's memory. I don't even know what I did yesterday, but I do remember my '58 Chevy DelRay."
Kay (Crossland) Arceneaux

Jerry Moon drove a Hudson Hornet that we thought was super. Six months after we were married we were in a flood in Tulsa which swamped the Hornet. I don't remember who he bought it from, but he was sure proud of it.
Linda (Hawkins) Moon

"Bought a 38 Ford for $75.00 about 1958. Took the seats out and used an upside down 5 gal metal bucket to sit on to drive. Worked ok, but was a little iffy on corners. Then use two of our lawn chairs until I got tired of taking them out and into the back yard when we had company. Finally found an old school bus seat in a wrecking yard on the north side of Snyder and that did ok for a good bit. Of course part of the impetus for the seat change occurred when my father needed me to go change his tire while he went to an appointment in my car. It was very shortly after that when I changed from the lawn chairs to the school bus seat." Duane Montgomery, '56, Ft Worth.

Well, Duane's story is certainly a hoot and gives credence to the old adage...."necessity is the mother of....."

Almost beats the story of my brother-in-laws first Tennessee.....his dad found it for him...have to be mid-70's, '55 Chevy, had NO engine! Tabs dad towed it home & Tab said he 'drove it' all the way, several hours in very cold weather, no heater of course, but he rode in there with coat on & held on to steering wheel all the way! He finally got engine, got it running...he put bucket seats in front, but for a while only had bolts for the driver side. So, when he turned corners, he said passengers had to hold on to the door or they got 'flipped' into back seat!Fortunately, by the time my sister met him, he had a truck with an engine AND seats bolted down! haha!

Tom Bullock emailed that he was happy the Bullock Bros could contribute to the LHS News! 'Us' too! 'Colorful' classmates makes for fun - wonderful, memories!

btw....does anyone have a picture of Tyrees hearse?

Renovations continue on the Old High School/Central Jr High building. This week, workers removed the metal sign which read 'Central Jr. High', which was put up in 1954 after the high school became the junior high. Removal of the metal sign exposed the original stone sign underneath which reads ...'Lawton High School'. (pixs at right).
We're hoping the building might be available for a 'tour' this fall?

LHS class 1969 is planning a 40th reunion. Set for Friday and Saturday July 3-4, 2009. For information call Marilyn Kitzrow at (580) 357-3818; Dwight Meadors at (580) 581-1671or LHS (580) 355-5170.

Class '59: reunion planning meeting this next Tuesday, June 23, 7:00pm Milo Gordon Honda. info due asap to Beverly at:
Drop deadline is July 15.

Remembering my own - 'the best' - Dad and wishing all
you Dads a wonderful Fathers Day!
George Washington Gill
1907 ~ 1991

To all........Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent June 18

NEW! When you have opportunity, check the WolverNet blog as I have just linked pictures from the class 1960 reunion in 2005. I did not take these pictures but whoever did.....did a great job & also put names on them!
btw.....IF any names wrong or missing....please let me know.

I also added the pictures that '58 classmate Ron Sheffield sent of the Atlantis Shuttle/Hubble repair Mission. Some of them are the 'official' pictures of the mission. Also posted, some of the pictures from the site.
I appreciate John Smith, '60, for help in getting some of these pictures into 'format' for the WolverNet..... for me of limited computer knowledge! (more on John below).
I am working on class 1957 - 50th reunion pictures and a miscellaneous file. Hope to have them on the blog soon. Go to right hand side of blog, scroll to 'links to LHS pictures'.

'The car info from Steve Colwell and the story from the Bullocks and Lon Parks generated the most comments of any 'news' I've sent. So happy all of you enjoyed and I appreciate all the positive comments on the news and blog.I have a few more 'car tidbits' I will share soon.

A friend from my past contacted me this week. John said he ran across the WolverNet by happen chance. John (Johnny) Smith is class '60 but we grew up together as attended church together. Real surprise to hear from John after many, many years. He has some great stories and remembrances. John is an architect with own firm in Houston (retired now).
One of my favorite recipes (Pumpkin Bread) came from Johns mom Elizabeth....over 40 years ago!!!! It's wonderful!
btw.....while swapping stories and pictures back & forth, John sent me copy of some of his art work. (see above)

I have seen Bill Stamps & lovely wife Sharon (Hartline) several times lately!!!! Always enjoying a meal! haha! Obviously, me too!!!! Sharon, bless her, fell & broke her forearm few weeks back so she is wrapped up right now!!!

Also visited with Richard Neptune & wife Carol at Biancos recently.
btw....IF you want a pizza for old times sake, better do it soon. A 'renewal' project on 2nd street may put Biancos out of year?

And, I've seen Sid Ahlschlager out eating more times than I have fingers and toes! He's the only one who eats out more than I do! ahhahahahhahaha....kidding you Sid....told you I would!

Email talk with '59 classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton. Bev is in hosp fighting bronchitis but says she is improving. Certainly wish her all the best. She plans to be here in October.

Had a land-line from '59 classmate Jerry Morgan. Jerry continues to recover from a stroke couple years ago and is - for most part - doing well. He has been a big help in keeping up with '59 grads.

'59 classmate Johnna Parks will have hip replace end of this month and '63 classmate and my brother, George, will have knee replace first part of July! They will be in same facility at same time. Contest to see who is best/worst patient! Gonna be a race! haha!

Marilyn & Richard Smith back from 3 weeks in Italy & Ireland. Janey & Bill Scott home from Alaska. Carol (Barnes) Glick & Steve back from several weeks running all over CA.
Several off to Santa Fe and Colorado for summer. Hope its cooler!

Shirley (Scott) Pace, '61, sent this......
Shirley is looking for people who would qualify to be members of the Pioneer Club, formerly Pioneer Women. The club is in process of collecting photographs of the 50's and 60's from pioneer families for the Museum archives.The club dresses in period costumes and participates in various Lawton events including the annual birthday parade in August and the rodeo. In order to be eligible for the club, your family must have settled in Lawton BEFORE statehood (1907). If you can help Shirley:

We enjoyed having Bills daughter Leslie home for a few days recently. She lives in the Boston area. She & Bill managed to get in some fishing while she was here. For all you fisherpersons....... 14 really nice 'cats' - 2 in one evening trial run, 12 next day. Couple went 3# plus. Really tasty too!

True story: driving down Gore on Tuesday evening.....bright red, new model Chevy, tag read: "LHS4evh"
Unknown male driving!

Missing the old 'home town'? Where to go when visiting 'home'? Check this out:

Regards to all.......... Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent June 15

We have picked up some new LHS News'ers..WELCOME. And for those of you who may not know....Ron Sheffield was LHS class 1958.
He was an engineer on the Hubble Telescope. He has been very involved with the recent Atlantis launch/telescope repair and has been so nice to keep me informed on the launch and progress. I have more to share with this edition of the 'news'.

I am also working on a slide show of all the launch and related photos Ron has sent me. Hope to have them soon on the WolverNet blog. Many of you have commented on your interest & enjoyment of this 'news'.

Meanwhile.... latest from Ron few days ago:

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Servicing mission #4 was a tremendous success. We accomplished more that we thought we were. We installed all the hardware that we took up on orbit. We worked 13 hours days with 12 hour shifts with 1 hour overlaps. The mission itself was an emotional roller coaster ride. At launch there was an instrument that failed almost immediately after launch but mission control noticed it and told the crew to continue as it was not an actual failure but an indicator failure.

On flight day 3, we captured the Hubble with the robotic arm. The HST was supposed to position itself for capture and for some reason did not. So the commander Scott Altman flew the shuttle so that the HST could be captured. FYI, Scott was the actual F-14 pilot doing the flying that Tom Cruise was supposed to do in TOP GUN. The capture was just like the movie when Cruise said he flew cockpit to cockpit with the MIG. Scott did a great job when he flew cockpit to cockpit with the Hubble. Personally see the HST being captured was like seeing an old friend once again. Reminded me of seeing people for the first time in 50 years at the 50th reunion of the class of 58.

The first EVA day started off with a downer. We had to go through our contingency procedures to get the A Latch on the Wide Field Planetary Camera II to loosen. The cameras are the size of a large baby grand piano. The use of the contingency procedures was a time hit of over an hour. Our procedures worked and we got the WFPC II out and Wide Field Camera III (WFC III) Installed. We also removed the old SI C&H and installed the new Scientific Instrument Control & Data Handling without a hitch. Additionally we installed some door latch release mechanisms during the EVA as get ahead tasks for EVA day 3. Every thing we installed on day 1passed its aliveness test. EVA day one was over 7 hours. A normal EVA day is 6+30 hours. The day ended on a high note with great expectations.

EVA day two was the installation and removal of the Rate Sensor units. We did the installation of the most difficult one in record time (a high) but ran into problems with the installation of the other two. Again our contingency procedures and hardware got us through this but with a 1+30 hour time hit. We accomplished the battery removal and installation in excellent time. Just like on day 1 every thing passed its aliveness test. Again we were over 7 hours and again we definitely ended on a high note with great expectations.

Day three went as expected and was a high all day. We installed a scientific instrument called the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (the size of a large refrigerator). After that, we did something that has never been done on-orbit. We took 32 screws out of a plate, physically cut a grid that was over the access cover, removed a power board, and installed a power board box. You can just imagine replacing a memory card in your computer with ski gloves on. They did that and we were really high. The power board installation was planned for two days and we did it in one long day. Day 3 was a little over 7 hours also. Again it was a high note for all.

Day 4 was similar to day 3 in that we had to replace a power board in another scientific instrument. This one did not start out well. We got three out of four Phillips Head screws out of the astronaut handle for the instrument. The fourth one was stripped. It was essential that we remove the handle so we could gain access to the power board. We went through the contingency procedures again but were not able to get out the screw out. We set up a test on the ground and determined that the screw would break if we pulled on it with 60 pounds. We sent up the procedures to the astronaut on orbit and told him to pull on it like a slot machine. He did and broke the screw and removed the handle. Now we had to remove 111 screws off an access plate so we could install the power board. Every time he put the power tool on a screw we held our breath until he got it out. We ran long that day because of the handle screw failure and a power tool battery failure. EVA Day 4 was over 7 +30 hours. We were on a high again because we had accomplished the two most difficult tasks of the mission.

EVA day 5 started out with the same problem with the A Latch on the Fine Guidance Instrument. It is the size of a small baby grand piano. We used the same contingency procedures to loosened the A Latch and install the FGS. We also installed the second set of replacement batteries with no problems. The last things we did were to install three New Outer layer Blanket covers (NOBLs). The Multi Layer installation had deteriorated significantly and the NOBLs are thin stainless steel covers that we put over the doors of the Hubble to protect the MLI. After the installation we were beside ourselves because it had been a good day.

The last thing that happened was not good but it worked out well. One of the astronauts broke off the tip of the Low Gain Antenna (size of a waffle ice cream cone) when he hit it on the way to the air lock. We had a cover that we were able to put over the LGA and it actually works better than before. Again, we were high because everything was now done and we had given the Hubble at least 5 years more and possibly 10 years of good scientific data gathering. Everything was working when we finished on EVA day 5.

The next day we released the Hubble. It was a sad time for me. I get excited every time we capture it but I get sad when we release it and it flies away. It is like seeing a close friend leave. You never know whether you will see it again and NASA plans to put it into the Pacific Ocean when it ceases to function. That will be a bad day at Black Rock for me.

That is the mission is about short as I can get. I have been asked what I will do now that this is the last mission. I am going to retire again. I kid my wife that I am going to run for governor of California so that we can get out of the mess we are in. BUT I definitely got a cold shoulder on that. That means retirement here I come. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers during the mission.

In August, we will have checked out, aligned, and test all the new scientific instruments. There will be a discovery channel special in November and there is a strong possibility that I will be on it. Look for absolutely great scientific pictures in August or September.
Have a great Hubble Day! Ron Sheffield

And then couple days ago, another email from Ron with this link to fabulous pictures (give it a minute to pop up):
"Georgia these are great pictures of the mission. Also check the Launch photographs on the same web site. When you see these you will know why I love working on the Hubble."

If coming to visit the 'home town' anytime soon.....bring cool clothes! It's a HOT place right now! Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent June 12

As 'rumors' and 'versions' run rampant on some of the more colorful car stories......comments continue on the inFamous Bullock Bros Hudson [car] stories.....straight from the source(s).....

Well Gang…
Here is the story as Lon Parks of Lawton (Bill's assistant @ over night engine swaps) remembers it and had it published in the Old Cars Weekly. Attached is the article that was published. I wrote and told Lon that the black convertible Hudson Commodore was the Hudson that brother Tom rolled on the way back from a Texas vacation; and Dad had the top cut off. I don't remember the steer horns on the hood of the car. The rest of the story is best that I can remember.
Good hearing from you all. Richard & Marty Bullock
Steve Colwell did a great job with memories. [John] Tyree's hearse should have been included.

A 'Car Story'
Submitted by Lon Parks
Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma in the 50's our main recreation was working on & drag racing our old Fords and Chevies. My best friend was a wild and crazy guy named Bill Bullock. Bill was up for anything anywhere and went on in his adult life to race Sprint cars on the west coast.

Bills dad owned the local Hudson agency and in an effort to hold down his extracurricular activities bought him an old, clapped out '46 Hudson 6 cylinder coupe. We kidded Bill unmercifully as he tooled around the town leaving a cloud of black smoke behind.Mr. Bullock had an almost new black Hudson convertible with a big straight 8 engine that was his pride and joy. It had a huge set of steer horns on the hood and it was the lead car in every local parade & rodeo. Most of the time it set in one corner of the shop, kept spotless by his yard man.

One Friday evening I got a call from Bill. His first words were "Lon, get over to my house. My folks are out of town and I'm going to switch engines with dad's parade car." He reasoned that he never drives it fast...he will never notice.As Mr. Bullock was a pretty good sized and in my mind a man to be reckoned with, I came up with several objections. But Bill would hear none of them. An hour later we were in Bills back yard with the hoods up on both cars and the chain hoist hanging from one of the larger limbs of the biggest pecan trees in the Bullock's back yard.Sunday evening we wrapped it up and returned the "Black Beauty" to the Hudson garage spitting and sputtering.

For the next two weeks we terrorized the stoplight drag racing scene in Lawton. Gone were the sneers and snide comments. We had a wonderful time.

However.....I get another call from Bill around 7:00pm one Tuesday. "I'm on my way to your house" he says. "I'll have to stay with you a few days." Turns out Mr. Bullock decided to take the parade car out for a little spin. Upon his return to the garage, he told his best mechanic to do a little tune up. Shes got no power at all he said. A few minutes later, the mechanic, trying not to laugh, said it looks like Bill has switched engines on you. Mr. Bullock did not see the humor in all of this and it took about a week for things to settle down enough for Bill to return home.

Years later I saw Mr. Bullock and his wife at a local restaurant and mentioned that I was the one that helped Bill with the switch. Although Mr. Bullock was around 80 at the time, for a few minutes I was looking for a quick way out.Then, he broke down with laughter! end

Zow! I guess I had a sheltered life. I had NO idea such things were going on. hhahahhaaaa...great story...wonderful memories. Appreciate everyones input!

From the 'home-town'........ Georgia

Friday, June 12, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent June 4

So very sorry to report the passing of Jon A. Gilbert, 71, of Duncan. Jon passed on June 2. Jon is a 1955 grad of LHS and attended Cameron.He is survived by wife Syble, a daughter and three sons.Services will be 2:00pm Friday, June 5 at Don Grantham Funeral Home chapel in Duncan with burial at Hope Community Cemetery. The family will receive friends today (Thursday) at the funeral home, 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

Also, the passing of Earl Thomas 'Tom' Keyes, 57, of Lawton. Earl passed on May 27. Services were held in Lawton. Earl graduated LHS in 1969, served and retired from the US Army and Civil Service. He is survived by his mom, two grand daughters; two brothers and five sisters.

Also received an email from '59 classmate Bob Meek out California way, who spotted this obit in the Bakersfield,CA paper. Edward R. "Scotty" Scott, passed on May 25. Born 1933 in Lawton, OK. He was retired from Carnation, avid sportsman. I do not know him, but some of you might? He is survived by wife Beverly, two sons. If Scotty went to LHS, would have graduated in mid '40's?
Our sympathies with all who have lost loved ones.

"Hi, Just letting you know that Norma Lee (Curry) Gardner, '56, was in Lawton and had dinner with Mary Sue Grimes, Barbara Cunningham. Norma Lee is on the way to KC, MO for son's wedding. Norma Lee has a place in Yucca Valley, CA. and I live in the same Senior Park.
Charlotte Magill, '56"

The car remembrances from Steve Colwell evoked many memories:

From Joe Lansden: 49-50 Hudson /Bullock - I remember the story a little differently, but maybe Dick Bullock can clear us up on the true story. Dick & Bill's father was the Hudson dealer in Lawton. As I remember, when his parents were on vacation, Bill pulled the engine out of his 46 Hudson coupe and replaced it with another engine he pulled out of a brand new car sitting on the dealership floor, a 49 or 50 Hudson sedan. He caught Holy Hell, of course, when his father returned. Steve brought back some great memories! Too bad Frank Rinehart isn't still alive to enjoy them. They were fun times.

I taught myself to drive along with help from Richard Carmichael. Bought a '47 Plymouth, '52 Plymouth then a '56 light blue and white Custom Vic Ford. A lot of people say they didn't exist, but they did. Then went new to a Dodge Lancer '62 with push buttons. My husband and I stayed mostly British after that.
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman

My dad too had a chev with the slight fins about a 55-56, without the stuff you had. In fact, I think he had two and I got to drive one. He also had about a 38 Plymouth coupe, too, in the 40s. It was definitely before I knew about going fast. It had a place in back of the front seats that my sis Duff and I would lay sideways in, each with our head on the right or left.
Dad also had a pink Oldsmobile of the 50s vintage. I won't say what color of pink he called it, but it starts with a p. I learned to drive on a Plymouth of some kind--4 door, I think. He bought Richard Neptune's green '52 Chev and then gave it to me in 55. It had the sun shade over the front and was a two door. It had a lowered back end but I don't think it was used for transporting anything--just looked like it. He also had a couple of DeSotos in the 50s. If he'd have had at least one boy instead of two girls, they would have loved all the cars he had. I remember the 50-something Fords, too. Thanks for the trip through Memory Lane!
Susan (Hankins) Ellington, '56

Great update Georgia and it is true. Tom Bullock often sends in comments on the newsletter and can offer his version of the Hudson. Tom was also a career military trooper with me. The stories about the autos and folks really hit home since I worked in the auto trade from age 10 till I left for the military Sept 56.
It was Roy Sauerman, Frank Kitchens, Cecil Easton, Roy Hennessee, Babs Yarmuk's dad, and others that got me started in Masonry in 1955 and I continue today as a Shriner, 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, Sojourner and Blue Lodge Master Mason. Thanks Georgia for your great articles from LHS grads. Still hanging in there, Cancer continues to shrink and PT treatment for back helping. All our Love to you and Bill and the LHS grads.
Ralph, '52, and Jackie Purvis, San Antonio

Hi Georgia, Thanks for the pictures of the cars!! When I married my husband, Joe, he was and still is a car nut and drove a dark green '51 Mercury in mint condition and waxed it every weekend at my house. My Mom said you could hear him coming a mile away with those loud pipes on the car. Unfortunately we sold it later on. We have gotten involved, in the last few years, with Car Shows and own a 1971 Ford LTD Convertible, original color, Ginger Spice Brown. We really enjoy riding around at night with the top down listening to the old songs. It brings back a lot of good memories!!!
Becky (Mincey) Roberts, '59

LHS class 1969 is planning a 40th reunion. Set for Friday and Saturday July 3-4, 2009. For information call Marilyn Kitzrow at (580) 357-3818; Dwight Meadors at (580) 581-1671or LHS (580) 355-5170.

AND.......LHS class 1964 reunion July 17-18.
Friday is a Roll-Out-the-Carpet-Social at the VFW Post 5263, 8:00pm to 12.
Saturday is an Alumni Mixer at Mike's Sports Grill, 517 E. Gore, 7:00pm to 12. Cost is $35 per person sent to Shirley (Stanley) Hedrick, 243 Fox Fire Road, Lawton, Ok 73507;

Class 1959: please get your bio info to Beverly ASAP!

Always appreciate your to all...Georgia

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent May 29

Steve Colwell, class '57, sent a great site to check out 'vintage' cars...hate to use that term as 'we' were riding around in them!
Scroll on down for Steve's wonderful remembrances and I must say, his memory and recollections are priceless. I love this. Think you will enjoy & I so appreciate Steve for sending this along.

One of my buddies sent this link to 50?s car photos. It triggered a fun little memory trip for me, back to when I was growing up in Lawton. As I saw the cars I recalled the people they reminded me of and related events. Maybe some of the the WolverNet readers would find it interesting. We are splitting our time between Placerville, CA and Lago Vista, TX (near Austin). Keep me on the mailing list for reunions. Steve Colwell

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. I had a 57 Bel Air 2 door hardtop, black with red and black interior. It had a stick shift, 283, 4 barrel carb and glass packs. I lowered it in front, put a early corvette grille in and truck camshaft as recommended by an article in Hot Rod Magazine. I made it last all the way thru college and sold it for more than I paid for it after my first wife nearly totaled it.
(Dickie Shelton bought my Canary Yellow 1949 Ford I had in High School)

1956 Ford Fairlane. My Jr. College friend Gordon Griswold had the 2 door stripped version, not very fast but we had a lot of fun in that car on water ski trips to Lake Lawtonka.Plymouth Fury. My dad had 3 of them from 56 to 59. We did OK at the dragstrip. During a cornering demonstration of the Torsion Bar Suspension it downshifted at about 60 mph, crossed up sliding sideways under power, but I kept my foot down and it powered out of it. My passengers were impressed, I was scared, REALLY scared.

1949 Cadillac. Ellen English (the bankers daughter) folks had a 49 Cad. I heard it back out of the garage once and it SOUNDED expensive with a deep mellow muttering tone.

1959 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. Bill Temple first had a Powerglide 283 convertible that would not out drag our 59 Sport Fury. His dad traded it for a stick shift hardtop that still would not beat our Mayflower. I installed mechanical linkage to replace the vacuum linkage operating the front and rear 2 barrel carbs for him and that did the trick.

1949 Mercury 6-Passenger Coupe. "One Punch Bob" Baird had a metallic copper Merc that was one of the best looking cars in town. He should have kept that car, it was better looking than James Dean's.

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-Door. Bobby Atkins had a stock (I think) Powerglide hardtop that only had lowering blocks and steel packs with a beautiful and unique to Chevy stovebolts sound. He consistently beat my "3/4 race" 49 Ford business coupe in the street drags out by the National Guard Armory.

1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V 4-Door Landau. My buddy Robert "Bobby" Winters dad (Harley dealer in Ft Smith, Ark.) bought the biggest, blackest Lincolns they sold. Robert won Daytona on a factory Yamaha prepared for Jody Nicholas who was injured in practice.

1957 Buick Roadmaster 2-Door Hardtop. My dad's store was right behind Frank Kitchens Buick-Cadillac dealership. Dad later went to work for Frank (one of his best friends from Shriners) and LOVED selling cars (he won several major sales awards and would open the dealership up in the morning and close the place up at night).

1953 Cadillac Eldorado. Georgia Gill's folks had two of them, a convertible and a hardtop when Bobby Atkins was dating her and I was going with her best friend Babs Yarmuk.

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air and 1956 Chevrolet 210.
Frank Kitchens had a 2 door, 210 with stick shift and a V8. I did not have enough saved to buy it and my dad would not lend me the difference. Tom Bill Ray bought it, rolled it and lost his life (his passengers were OK)

1959 Buick 2-Door. I remember seeing these before the official showing. They were beautiful and a huge change from typical Buick styling. Apparently the typical Buick customer did not agree with me because they went back to the massive look.

1966 Ford Galaxy. Donnie Hagler had a (65?) 406 stick shift that was probably the fastest stock car in town for a while.

1958 Edsel Citation. My ex-wife Yvonne Jewett's step father had one, it confirmed the reputation of the brand.

1958 De Soto. Leonard Fietz, my dad and I were on our way back from Wichita Falls, TX when we tried to pass the Lawton Desoto Dealer in our Plymouth Fury. We were doing over 100 mph when dad had Fietz pull his right cowboy boot off so he could get the pedal all the way down?? we took him.

1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible. Adolph Fietz had a 300 on the showroom floor. Adolph always drove a stripped Plymouth or a used car trade-in because he had gone thru the depression and thought it was unnecessary to have an expensive car.

1956-1959 Mercury. It seemed like Buster "Bussie" Wyatt had a couple of new Mercs a year. His dad had the Lincoln-Mercury dealership. He married Johnna Gordon, the new Chrysler-Plymouth dealers daughter.

1948-1951 Chevrolet Fleetline. Mike and Roger Wyatt's folks had one with a Vacuum Shift, I don't think it worked too well.

1949 Oldsmobile 88. Frank Rinehart had one just like this for years. He and Leonard Fietz converted it to a dirt track "Claim Racer". It was faster that the other "Claim Racers" so after they won with it they withdrew rather than sell it for the $200 or so the rules required.

1963 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. Jimmy Click (he and his sister Janet used to live across the street from us) had the full factory optioned 409 drag race car. He now owns several car dealerships in Arizona and S. CA.

1949-1954 Kaiser. Frank Rinehart's dad had a 53 or 54 when they moved to Lawton. They had a Kaiser-Frazier dealership in Arkansas that went bust but they kept a loaded car.

1958 Chevrolet. My dad bought a 58 Biscane, stick shift, 6 cylinder coupe for some reason. He hated it so much he traded it for another Plymouth Fury after about 6 months.

1956-59 Pontiac. Local (and national) drag race star Lyman Kidwell had several very fast Pontiacs about the time I left Lawton, he lost his life in a rollover accident as a passenger on the way to drag races in Texas.

1949-51 Hudson. I heard one of the Bullock boys rolled a new Hudson when his folks were out of town. They owned the Hudson dealership and he talked the body shop into cutting the top off and making it a convertible before they got back. This may not be an accurate story, is it?

1960-64 Chevrolet Corvair. My ol buddy Del Rentzel in Okla. City had a Turbo Monza. The procedure for passing was; floor it, hold your foot on the brake while the turbo spooled up, take your foot off the brake and pass.

1959 Ford Thunderbird Convertible.
Our next door neighbors Maylin and Heather Wolverton's mom was a friend of Jack Story and Don Barton, the Story Barton dance school partners who had the first one in town. Later Donnie and Ronnie Hagler's dad bought the roadster version with the headrest/back seat cover.

1950-1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 2-Door Sedan.
My folks sent me to the Catholic School, for my own good, in the 5th and 6th grade. Charley Wade the Oldsmobile dealer (Chuck's dad) would always donate a new Olds for the annual Catholic Carnival Fund Raiser. First prize was the car, second was locker full of beef, I got third, a hand knitted shawl by one of the sisters.
[3rd place, love that, too funny!]

I also appreciate '59 classmate Willie Guest for sending this site. It's fun!

Ahhhhhhhhhh, the good 'ol days! I can hear Barb Streisand singing 'Memories' as I read!.... Best to all.......Georgia

......LHS News......

Originally sent May 25

Well, it seems Mike Minter is a former Wolverine with a very impressive career in sports as well as his personal life. I appreciate my friend Craig pointing this news story out to me & 'recalling' that he was from Lawton & had been a Wolverine. (I actually met Mikes sister some years ago but it didn't click until I got to checking).

Wikipedia has lot of info on the former LHS *star* and he seems to be heading once again in the 'right' direction (pun intended) as he considers a career in politics. He must have been at LHS very late 80's, early 90's. Some one suggested he graduated LHS in '92. This excerpt from wiki on his high school/college days before the Carolina Panthers:

Minter attended Lawton High School in Lawton, OK where he started as running back and free safety. As a running back, he led the state with 1,589 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns on 187 carries as a senior. Minter also averaged 21 points per game in basketball. Minter then attended the University of Nebraska, where he was a member of both national championship teams of 1994 and 1995.
Since I am a fellow GOP'er, I certainly wish Mike a TD if he hits the campaign trail!

I appreciate Earl Barton, John & Susan Mackey, Myrna May, for info on Minter.
'59er Preston McPhail emailed this note from Florida where he is vacationing:

"Sorry to hear that my friend DeWayne [Beggs] passed away.His band played a lot at several Lawton clubs. In the early days when they were just getting started, the band would come to my house for dinner. I even made a couple of trips with them to their performances. They were really a talented group of guys.We were able to watch the shuttle launch from beach just north of Cape Kennedy."

Received this call for help from '59 classmate Sharon (Cummings) Bolt....On May 13, 2009 the Wichita Mtn. Quilt Guild's cargo trailer and contents was stolen. The cargo trailer was a black 6x12, 2000 Cargo Craft tandem axle enclosed trailer, with chrome fenders. The trailer contained our quilt racks and most of our quilt show operating supplies. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you have any information contact Carol Capshaw 580-365-4555, Pam Wisner 580-429-8280, or Kathy Burnett 580-429-3558.

We are all saddened and hurt as this trailer and the contents represent over 6 years of work by our guild to raise the funds to purchase. The contents of the trail are not what the thieves were after. We fear the contents may have been dumped somewhere. Please be alert to these items as you are out and about & please call with any information.

Beverly (Spradlin) Raley sent this great news clipping that she ran across while going through some of her 'scrapbook stuff'. (see at top). It's wonderful! Seems a 'Queen' representative from each Lawton school. You will recognize most of them. These gals went on to be '59 grads, so go backward & do the numbers for year this was taken. Babs represented my grad school alma mater - Washington.

Caption under the picture reads: "KIDS' DAY QUEENS. These lovely lassies will be crowned queens of Lawton's midget football teams tomorrow at Roosevelt stadium. Pictured left to right are (front row) Mona Ray, McKinley; Marline Roth, Taft; Beverly Spradlin, Howell; Patricia Sullivan, Woodrow Wilson; (center row) Patricia Tompkins, Lincoln; Twyla Stuever, St. Mary's; Babs Yarmuk, Washington; Wildena Guy, FSIS; (back row) Janice Vaughn, Will Rogers; Bonnie Shegog, Douglas; Linda Kay Woods, Swinney; Brownie Sue Robertson, Whittier; Sherrie Griser, Emerson."

Yours truly taking it easy this week-end and looking forward to a family/friends cook-out this evening...even though, right now, storming and raining!Remembering so many loved ones this Memorial Day........Georgia